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NTEU part of ARC Linkage grant researching gender equity in universities

Posted 12 March 2010 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

NTEU is one of three industry partners on an ARC linkage grant awarded to a research team from Griffith University and University of Queensland. The project, which will be led by Professor Glenda Strachan is entitled ‘Gender and Employment Equity: Strategies for Advancement in Australian Universities’, and will run over three years.

The broad goals of the research are to understand the ongoing impediments to gender equity in employment in the university sector, focussing in particular on the emergence of the entrepreneurial university and related changes over the past decade.

Using the research outcomes, the work will be used to propose ways to advance gender equity and thus to ensure Australia’s future university workforce is based on sustainable equitable practises. The research will centre on three key areas for women: senior women, classifications and career paths for general/professional staff, and casual teaching and research only staff.

The research team are: Professor Glenda Strachan (Griffith University), Associate Professor Gillian Whitehouse (University of Queensland), Professor David Peetz, Dr Janis Bailey and Dr Kaye Broadbent (Griffith University).

NTEU Industrial Officer, Robyn May has been awarded an APAI scholarship on the ARC project to undertake a PhD focussing on casual teaching and research staff, and the impact these types of employment have on gender equity.