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  1. Thai academics suffer in latest coup

    Posted 9 July 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    In a statement issued on 2 June, the NTEU condemned the 22 May military coup d’etat in Thailand and called for the immediate restoration of constitutional rule and for the release of all academics and students detained by the military junta.

    As the union representing the staff of Australian universities, the NTEU is specifically concerned with the round-up of academics and students calling for democracy and civilian rule.

    The statement continued to say:

    ‘NTEU, joins with other unions, NGOs and governments in calling upon the Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Army to immediately release politicians, activists, journalists and academics who have been harassed and imprisoned following the military summons to cease any political criticism or face

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  2. No truth or justice in the American way

    Posted 3 July 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    If any one aspect of Minister for Education Pyne’s plans for Australian higher education sends shivers down the collective spines of university staff, students and Vice-Chancellors, it is his proclamation that  the United States higher education system is his inspiration.

    Not surprisingly, the prospect of the Americanisation of our universities also horrifies the general public, as confirmed in the NTEU’s latest polling (see p. 22). People know about the American system from popular culture. Just think about the many plot lines that draw upon the millstone of student loans hanging over young (and not so young) professionals, tales of glorious but also terrible colleges, of the scramble to get into a decent college, abuse of scholarship systems, of university collusion with big pharma and the military industrial complex, of persecution of dissident academics, rip off for-profit outfits, bankrupt colleges and so

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  3. Casual teachers carry the load (Connect editorial, March 2014)

    Posted 26 March 2014 by Jeannie Rea (Uni Casual)

    Casual teachers carry the load

    Connect editorial, March 2014

    Academic casual activists and the NTEU have made the casualisation of university teaching and the plight of casual academics a public ...

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    (2 MB) - PDF

    Connect, March 2014

    NTEU & CAPA magazine for casual and sessional academic staff. Vol. 7, no. 1

  4. Freedom is not just another word

    Posted 20 March 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    Academic freedom is the freedom to conduct research, teach, speak and publish, subject to the norms and standards of scholarly inquiry, without interference or penalty, wherever the search for truth ...

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    (7 MB) - PDF

    Advocate, March 2014

    Vol 21, no. 1.

  5. Member Discount: Higher Education Workforce Planning & Policy

    Posted 3 August 2012 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

    Higher Education Workforce Planning & Policy
    Improving the evidence base to enhance institutional performance
    28 & 29 November 2012, Crowne Plaza, Melbourne

    $150 ...

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  6. Seminar: Flamed or Defamed - Reducing the risk for academics contributing to online debates

    Posted 18 April 2012 by Serena O'Meley (La Trobe University)

    La Trobe University
    School of Public Health
    HS2 223 Lecture Theatre
    2 May 2012 @1-2pm

    Adjunct Associate Professor Ken Harvey
    School of Public Health
    La Trobe University

    Reema Rattan
    Section Editor: ...

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    Flamed or defamed: reducing the risks for academics contributing to online debates

    La Trobe University, School of Public Health, HS2 223 Lecture Theatre, 2 May 2012 @1-2pm.

  7. NTEU participating in Collaboration in Regional Tertiary Education conference

    Posted 7 July 2011 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

    NTEU is proud to be a participant and media partner at the Collaboration in Regional Tertiary Education conference which is being held on 18-19 October in Cairns. 

    NTEU members receive 10% off the standard registration price when you quote the code CC*AUR

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  8. Protection of Intellectual Freedom a Landmark for Uni Staff

    Posted 26 May 2011 by Paul Kniest (NTEU National Office)

    Peter Garrett, the Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth, has today introduced the Higher Education Support Amendment (Demand Driven Funding System and Other Measures) Bill 2011 ...

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  9. NTEU members encouraged to make a submission to the Base Funding Review

    Posted 18 February 2011 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The Federal Government has announced a Higher Education Base Funding Review. Members are encouraged to consider making submissions, whether individually, through your NTEU Branch, disciplinary or ...

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  10. NTEU welcomes new leadership group

    Posted 4 October 2010 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

    The NTEU's new leadership group took over running the Union on Friday afternoon at NTEU National Council.

    New National President, Jeannie Rea and new National Assistant Secretary, Matt McGowan join ...

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