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  1. No Job Cuts: Staff and Student Rally and March

    Posted 30 April 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    The University of Sydney Senate meets next on Monday, May 07.  This is also the day that University management will be issuing redundancy notices.

    The NTEU will be joining USyd students in lobbying the Senate meeting and protesting the job cuts. There will be a short Rally in the Main Quad, followed by a march to the Senate meeting at the Darlington Centre.

    Come along and let the Senate know that staff and students say No Job Cuts at Sydney Uni.


    Where: Meet at the Main Quad, then march to the Senate meeting at the Darlington Centre

    When: Monday, May 07

    Time: 1 pm -

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  2. No Job Cuts: Leaflet Drop in Victoria Park

    Posted 18 April 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    Due to concerns about the weather, the event has been postponed until Tuesday, May 01*

    On Tuesday, May 01* the NTEU will be holding an event in Victoria Park before work, from 8 am - 9 am. We will ...

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  3. No Job Cuts: Rally and March

    Posted 20 March 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    In the last teaching week before Easter, we will be holding a Rally and a March protesting the Job Cuts.

    We will meet at the Madsen Building (at the City Rd end of Eastern Avenue), then march down to the Front Lawns where we will hold a rally and speeches.

    This is a great way to finish the first part of the semester off with a bang and to help maintain momentum over the break.


    Where:           Meeting at the Madsen Building

    When:            Wednesday, April 04.

    Time:             1pm-2pm.

    Please come along and encourage your colleagues to attend too.

    If you would like to discuss the job cuts with your students and promote the Rally and  March, we have prepared some PowerPoint slides you can download and use in lectures.

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  4. No Job Cuts: Rally at the Senate Meeting

    Posted 15 March 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    As part of the No Job Cuts Campaign we will be rallying outside the next University of Sydney Senate Meeting.

    Rally at the University of Sydney Senate Meeting

    Where: Darlington Centre

    When: Monday, March 19

    Time: 3 pm

    This week, the NTEU wrote to the Chancellor outlining our concerns about the job cuts, and asking for a meeting to discuss these further. We also provided a copy of our letter to the Fellows of Senate. They know how we feel, but we need to back up our letter with a strong presence at the Senate Meeting.  

    In addition, staff members will be presenting a petition calling on the Senate to intervene and protect jobs at the Sydney University.

    Come along and support Sydney staff and students.

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  5. Lobby the University of Sydney Senate Meeting

    Posted 30 November 2011 by Andrew Rivett (University of Sydney)

    Support Sydney Staff and Students

    Lobby the University of Sydney Senate Meeting   


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