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  1. Media Release: University professional staff change the pace on Cup Day

    Posted 4 November 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    University staff are doing thousands of hours of unpaid overtime every year as they try to keep pace with the rate of change, increased enrolments and budget cuts.

    Pausing for a moment, over 120 ...

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  2. Media Release: Staff Vote for Industrial Action at University of QLD

    Posted 30 October 2013 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

    Members of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) voted unanimously yesterday for further industrial action at the University of Queensland (UQ).

    From today NTEU members will be displaying ...

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  3. QLD Govt has gone feral with power after latest IR changes

    Posted 17 October 2013 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

    It's been a terrible day today for Queensland workers, including university staff.

    Today the LNP government introduced legislation bringing back Work Choices for workers in the state IR system ...

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  4. NTEU USQ EB6 E-Bulletin No.15

    Posted 15 October 2013 by Cathy Grant (Qld Division)

    Latest NTEU report on EB negotiations at USQ

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    Bulletin Or Leaflet
    (100 KB) - PDF

    USQ Branch EB6 E-Bulletin No. 15 2013

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  5. 2013 edition of Agenda magazine

    Posted 19 September 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The 2013 edition of NTEU's annual women's magazine, Agenda, is now available online. All NTEU women members will receive a copy in the post shortly.

    We're proud of this edition, which is packed with ...

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    (6 MB) - PDF

    Agenda vol. 21

    Holding the Line!

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  6. Management Respond

    Posted 17 September 2013 by Michael McNally (Qld Division)

    Dear Michael, Jan, Laurie, Ken and Wal,

    Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Negotiations - Meeting on Friday

    I refer to my earlier correspondence and my meeting with Michael on Friday afternoon.

    As ...

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  7. NTEU Moderates Our Claim

    Posted 17 September 2013 by Michael McNally (Qld Division)

    Rationale for NTEU Salary Offer Provided to Management 13 Sep

    An improved albeit backloaded set of pay increase would demonstrate to our members, and we would happily state, that management have ...

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  8. NTEU launches MyStudentDebt.com.au to highlight accumulating HELP debt

    Posted 6 September 2013 by Matthew McGowan (NTEU National Office)

    A first degree shouldn’t cost a second mortgage!

    Australian students have accumulated debt from their university study of over $34 billion. We estimate outstanding HELP debt is ...

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    Fact Sheet
    (201 KB) - PDF

    My Student Debt fact sheet

  9. If Tony Abbott wins, independent research loses

    Posted 5 September 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) has condemned Tony Abbott’s proposed Commission of Audit which will “re-prioritise” about $900 million in annual Australian Research ...

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  10. Will a university degree cost a second mortgage under Abbott?

    Posted 3 September 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)


    “The real reason for Tony Abbott’s silence on university funding in this election is because he does not want to reveal his real agenda – to increase the cost of going to ...

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