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'Journal rankings a sword over unis' (Australian Higher Education, 2 March 2011)

Posted 2 March 2011 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

Journal rankings a sword over universities

JOURNAL rankings are "a spectre haunting universities everywhere" according to a British business academic who also attacked a new University of Queensland internal index that measures research performance.

Dennis Tourish, professor of leadership and deputy director of research at Kent Business School, said journals' lists such as those used in the Excellence in Research for Australia initiative were inherently flawed and increasingly being used to micro-manage the research effort. 


Professor Tourish's condemnation of journals' lists came as Monash University's Simon Cooper and Anna Poletti published their critique of ERA in Australian Universities' Review.

They assert "the essential dysfunctionality of the ERA" and argue "any comprehensive auditing regime threatens to alter, and in all likelihood, undermine the capacity for universities to produce innovative research and critical thought".

Read the full article on The Australian website here.

Read the Cooper and Poletti article in the latest Australian Universities' Review


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