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Contracts Update - NTEU Scored Triple the Outcome

Posted 13 December 2011 by Josh Cullinan (Swinburne University of Technology)

NTEU has welcomed the gratitude of dozens of members who recently were converted from fixed term to ongoing contracts of employment. In recent bulletins, NTEU advised eight TAFE staff were converted after NTEU pursued the University for unlawful contract use.
It has now become apparent that dozens of staff - potentially over 30 - benefited from this outcome. This was a great outcome and is a strong example of what can be achieved when members of NTEU, supported by their industrial staff, stand together. As recently as this morning, another member has been converted to ongoing.
In 2012 NTEU will be investigating other ways to improve employment security - particularly for agency casual staff, sessional staff and research only academic staff.


  1. Carol-Anne Croker said on 18:11 Tuesday 13 Dec, 2011

    [ 0 ] Well done all. Swinburne needs to realise that this is reward for staff loyalty and productivity in a very competitive job market. Keeping good staff IS good management practice

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  2. Beth said on 12:40 Tuesday 13 Dec, 2011

    [ +1 ] A great outcome for many staff who have worked hard for Swinburne for years on only 1 year contracts...

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