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General Staff Meeting

Posted 14 February 2012 by Sean O'Brien (Macquarie University)


Professional staff and Academic staff should be insulted by the email sent to you today regarding the Deloitte review. Apart from the complete lack of detail provided, it appears that Management are once again trying to divide both the Professional and Academic staff into “us and them” by implying that Professional staff job losses are required in order to engage Academic staff. We reject this entirely! The University cannot function unless we all work together and support each other – staff of different designations should not be traded off against each other.

As a union we will not stand for this. We are “The Union for all higher education staff”. We call upon staff to stand TOGETHER, support your colleagues be they Professional or Academic for as one we are strong.

The NTEU now calls for all staff to attend a meeting to have your say on the general direction of the University’s response to the Deloitte review. It’s time for NTEU Members at Macquarie to draw a line in the sand. The full impact on workloads and conditions of last years Voluntary Redundancies is yet to be seen, and yet the University wishes to shed 60 more staff!

We need to send a strong message to Management that enough is enough, and show them we will fight all the way against cuts to staff numbers resulting in increased workloads and deteriorating conditions for those who remain.




Date:            THURSDAY 16 FEBRUARY

Time:           12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

 Location:      E7B T2


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