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Information for VU Students about Results Ban

Posted 16 July 2010 by Atosha McCaw (Vic Division)

Unfortunately Victoria University management are still refusing to pay staff a wage rise in 2010, despite the fact that staff of every other Victorian University have already or will shortly receive a pay rise this year.  The Union has made it clear to management that the only thing they need to do in order to bring the results ban to an end is to agree to a pay rise comparable to other university staff.  While we are waiting for management to see sense, the bans on transmission of results are still in place.  More information about why the Union is imposing bans is available here:

Applying for an exemption

We regret that this is causing inconvenience to some students.  To reduce that inconvenience, the NTEU has exempted from the ban all results which are necessary for:

Supplementary Exams
Visa requirements

If you believe your results fall into that category, or if there is another reason you would suffer particular hardship as a result of the delay in receiving your results, please lodge an application for exemption at

If you have already applied

Applications are generally dealt with within three days of being lodged, and applicants are informed by email.  Whenever an exemption is granted, the relevant member of academic staff is informed immediately, and they will communicate the exempted results to the University, who will then put the process in train to release those results.

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