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Protected Action Ballot at Victoria University

Posted 13 May 2010 by (NTEU National Office)

On 7 May Fair Work Australia approved our application for a ballot of NTEU members at VU to approve industrial action in support of Enterprise Bargaining negotiations.

Ballot papers will be posted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to your home address on Wed 19 May, which means they should reach you by Fri 21 May at the latest.

If your ballot paper doesn't reach you by then, you will need to contact the AEC directly as the Branch office has no control or authority over the ballot process once the ballot begins.

The questions to be put to you in the ballot are:

Do you, for the purpose of advancing claims in the negotiation of an Enterprise Agreement with Victoria University, authorise industrial action in the form of:

  1. Four (4) hour stoppages of work, taken either separately or consecutively?
  2. Twenty-four (24) hour stoppages of work, taken either separately or consecutively?
  3. Bans on the recording, or transmission to Victoria University, of student assessment and exam results?

I would urge you to vote in favour of all 3 forms of industrial action in order to maximise our leverage should we need to take industrial action to further our claims during bargaining.

The Ballot will be close on Mon 31 May at 10:00am. This means that only ballot papers the AEC has received by that time will be included in the ballot.

Please post your ballot back to the AEC in the postage-paid envelope that will be provided with your ballot papers (do NOT send them via VU internal mail to the Branch office).


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