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Results bans to continue at VU

Posted 29 June 2010 by (NTEU National Office)

NTEU members voted overwhelmingly today to continue the ban on the recording or transmission of student assessment and exam results to VU. Strategically selected bans are to remain in place indefinitely.

Crucial to the success of the strategy approved by the meeting is financial support from members who will not be implementing the bans after this week.

Members not enforcing the bans are strongly urged to get behind the ‘NTEU Legends’ (those members in strategic roles who will continue the bans indefinitely and expose themselves to extended loss of pay) by pledging $50 per fortnight (depending on circumstances and with a reduced donation of $20 per fortnight for sessional members).

Pledges will be paid into the VU Strike Fund which will be managed by the National level of NTEU. The direct debit request form is now available for download. Please return the completed Request to the VU Branch office, Footscray Park Campus.

Download the direct debit request form here (pdf).

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