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Support NSW Public Sector Workers on September 8

Posted 29 August 2011 by Kiraz Janicke (University of New South Wales)

Dear NTEU member,

The Barry O’Farrell Government has introduced new laws that give NSW public sector workers the worst industrial rights of any workers in Australia.

These laws give the state government the power to unilaterally set the wages and conditions of public sector workers, taking away their right to bargain freely with their employer.

If public sector workers want basic pay increases they will have to agree to trade offs and cuts.

This will affect all of us who depend on decent public services – schools, hospitals, transport, and firefighters.

These laws could flow on to workers outside the NSW state public sector. If the Coalition wins at the next federal election, these kinds of laws, which are worse that Workchoices, could be introduced at a federal level.

We all need to stand together to send a strong message that these laws are unacceptable.

NSW public sector unions have called a rally to protest the laws on:

8 September 2011


The Domain, Sydney

This will be a huge protest with thousands of nurses, teachers, fire fighters and other public sector workers attending.

*All NTEU members in the Sydney area are encouraged to attend the rally. We will be meeting behind Sydney Hospital on Hospital Road at 11.30, look out for the NTEU flags so that we can march together.

In Union

Genevieve Kelly

NTEU - NSW Secretary


Level 1, 55 Holt Street


Ph:   (02) 8066 6600

Fax:  (02) 8066 6677



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