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University Fees, Funding and $100,000 Degrees

Posted 10 September 2014 by Paul Kniest (NTEU National Office)

The Minister for Education Christopher Pyne and other supporters of his proposed changes to higher education funding and regulation have dismissed claims of $100,000 university degrees as exorbitant. 

The Vice Chancellors who are supporting the government’s policy agenda could simply come out and declare that their university will not be charging $100,000 for any of its degrees should the government’s higher education bill be passed.        

However, the NTEU’s analysis (attached) shows, the interaction of the government’s

  • proposed 20% average cuts to funding per Commonwealth supported student,
  • the  imposition of real interest (or 25% surcharge) on student (Higher Education Loan Program) HELP loans,  
  • the current underfunding of higher education, and
  • the impacts of inflation  

means that $100,000 university degrees will be a reality before the end of this decade.

Fact Sheet
(78 KB) - PDF



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