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  1. Want to know more about the new Enterprise Agreements? Check here for work area meetings, events...

    Posted 25 October 2014 by Jenny Whittard (University of Newcastle)

    NTEU representatives will be visiting workplaces to provide staff the opportunity to ask questions about the proposed enterprise agreements during the access and vote period.

    The proposed new ...

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  2. Voting now open: Vote Yes for our new UoN Enterprise Agreements

    Posted 16 October 2014 by Jenny Whittard (University of Newcastle)

    Our Top 6 Reasons to support the new UoN enterprise agreements.

    Voting period now open: closes at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday 22 October 2014.  Details of the vote process have been emailed ...

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    (147 KB) - PDF

    Vote Yes UoN Agreements

    Find out just some of the reasons flyer here

  3. NTEU lauds ANU's divestment decision.

    Posted 13 October 2014 by Jane Maze (ACT Division)

    The ACT Division Secretary of the National Tertiary Education Union, Stephen Darwin, has lauded the decision of the Australian National University Council and its Vice-Chancellor, Ian Young, on ...

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  4. Information Sessions on Reclassification and Workloads

    Posted 11 October 2014 by Katherine Gale (University of Adelaide)

    4 member information sessions have been organised - 2 on Professional Staff Reclassification and 2 on Academic Workloads. These sessions will run for 30 minutes or less and are designed to give ...

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    Poster - Member Information Session

  5. Message from outgoing NTEU Newcastle Branch President - Suzanne Ryan

    Posted 8 October 2014 by Jenny Whittard (University of Newcastle)

    After five plus years as President of the Newcastle Branch of the NTEU, my term ended on Wednesday 1 October and Tom Griffiths became our new NTEU Newcastle Branch President.  I am very grateful ...

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  6. National Education Protests - Perth rally October 16

    Posted 2 October 2014 by Amy Talbot (WA Division)

    NTEU and the National Union of Students have been vigilant in continuing vocal and public opposition to Christopher Pyne's legislative changes to the funding and structure of higher education in ...

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  7. Notre Dame Bargaining Survey- members and non members

    Posted 2 October 2014 by Amy Talbot (University of Notre Dame Australia)

    Dear members, 
    You may have been visited in the past week by a member discussing the upcoming bargaining negotiations and inviting you to complete a survey. As a critical part of the ...

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    (301 KB) - PDF

    Notre Dame Bargaining Survey 2014

  8. Faculty of Science Members Meeting on Restructure

    Posted 2 October 2014 by Emma Clancy (University of Technology Sydney)

    The following message was sent to NTEU members in the Faculty of Science on 1 October, calling a members' meeting for next week to discuss the Change Management process in the Faculty. Meeting - ...

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  9. Insecure Work Conference | 19-20 November | Hobart

    Posted 26 September 2014 by Amber Jacobus (University of Western Sydney)

    The NTEU Insecure Work Conference will be held on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 November 2014 at University of Tasmania.

    The conference has four objectives:

    1. To increase understanding of ...

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  10. WA Division Fact Sheet - Members joining in Dispute

    Posted 22 September 2014 by Amy Talbot (WA Division)

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    Bulletin Or Leaflet
    (153 KB) - PDF

    WA Division Fact Sheet - Members joining in Dispute

    Fact Sheet for members joining in Dispute