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  1. Commission of Audit must not lead to cuts, privatisation of public services Australians rely on

    Posted 23 October 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The Abbott Government's Commission of Audit is nothing but a process to outsource public policy to big business and pave the way for cuts to public services, the ACTU said today.

    ACTU President ...

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  2. ACTU Media Release: The gap is growing between rich and poor - Australia must act to reduce levels of poverty

    Posted 14 October 2013 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

    Insecure work is pushing more Australians with jobs below the poverty line and entrenching inequality, the ACTU said today.

    ACTU president Ged Kearney said Anti Poverty Week, which starts today, was ...

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  3. Abbott Proof Your Workplace: National Day of Action for Young Workers on 8 August

    Posted 5 August 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    NTEU National President Jeannie Rea is speaking at a Melbourne forum for young workers at the Victorian Trades Hall Council this coming Thursday 8 August. The forum is organised by the VTHC Youth ...

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  4. If you own a phone, read this - Australian Unions telephone town hall

    Posted 9 July 2013 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    NTEU members want to raise the profile of higher education issues during this Federal election campaign.
    Town Hall meetings have long given us the ability to come together and raise issues as a community.  However, the union movement is now too big and spread out to always meet face-to-face.
    The good news is that Australian unions are developing new ways to make sure our movement can get together to discuss issues.  They are diving head first into the future and opening the virtual Town Hall doors far and wide. Wherever you are in Australia, if you've got a phone, you'll be able to participate in tele-town halls next week.  
    I encourage NTEU members to join the meeting on Wednesday discussing Government cuts, and to raise issues about higher education funding.

    Australian Unions “Telephone Town Hall”

    Topic: Public Sector cuts and Government Austerity

    Wednesday 10th July 2013

    Time: 7pm – 8pm, via teleconference

    Hosted by Corinne Grant, participants will hear from ACTU President Ged Kearney, Secretary Dave Oliver and a handful of special guests as they talk about the issues affecting working Australians, what's at stake this election and what we can do, together, to shape its outcome.  Following the discussion, you will have the opportunity to join a speakers' list and ask questions via your phone's keypad.
    RSVP: http://www.australianunions.org.au/teletownhalls

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  5. Destination Fiji - a vacation from workers' rights

    Posted 22 May 2013 by Grahame McCulloch (NTEU National Office)


    Fiji is famous for its sandy white beaches, blue waters, palm trees, sunshine and smiling faces. But behind the island beauty lies a much uglier reality.

    Since Commodore Frank Bainimarama seized power of the South Pacific nation in 2006, the regime has systematically stripped workers of their wages and conditions.

    Now, over 60 per cent of Fijian wage earners are living below the poverty line, hotel workers earn less than $3 an hour, and workers vocal in opposition to the regime have been threatened and assaulted.

    We can support the people of Fiji get their island paradise

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  6. ACTU's International Women’s Day Video Message

    Posted 5 March 2013 by Terri Macdonald (NTEU National Office)

    The ACTU has produced a new video message for all union women, commemorating this years International Women’s Day and the continued fight for equity in our workplaces.

    Members are ...

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  7. International Women's Day (IWD) and ACTU 'Time to Care' Campaign Launch - Friday 8th March

    Posted 4 March 2013 by Terri Macdonald (NTEU National Office)

    INVITATION  to members

    ACTU/VTHC Event for International Women’s Day

    Venue: Bella Union Bar

    Date: Friday 8 March 2013

    Time: 10.00am - 11.30am


    Keynote Speaker: Catherine ...

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  8. Save Our Weekend

    Posted 17 September 2012 by Matthew McGowan (NTEU National Office)

    Penalty rates for many Australians are currently under threat from a Bill being considered in the Australian Senate.

    Penalty rates provide some form of compensation for workers who are required to ...

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    Posted 22 August 2012 by Terri Macdonald (NTEU National Office)

    Equal Pay Day, initiated by EOWA in 2008, is an annual event to highlight the serious issue of gender pay inequity. The date is calculated on the average number of extra days a woman would have to ...

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  10. NTEU NSW trials new ACTU training for delegates

    Posted 15 May 2012 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    We value the work of our delegates and recognise the vital role they play in our union, which is why we endeavour to ensure our delegates and activists feel trained, confident and supported in their work.

    The ACTU has been developing a new online system for delegate training, which was launched at ACTU Congress this morning. Based on our recent work with delegates, NTEU NSW Division was chosen to help trial these modules. Delegates Sue and Ben took part in the training and provided feedback.

    As a union leader I think this is a great initiative. Online training is not a replacement for face-to-face training, but it does offer another way for unions to better support delegates in their role.

    NTEU NSW Division views delegate development and support as a key priority, which is why we have launched a new handbook and quarterly publication for delegates this year. We have also developed introductory training sessions for delegates that are regularly held in the NSW Division Office.

    Later this week, we will be launching a new section on our website that provides information about how NTEU members can get involved in union activities.

    With the help of our members, activists and delegates we hope to build the NTEU and provide members with the best possible representation at work.

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