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  1. Fact Sheets for the proposed Staff Agreement

    Posted 29 November 2013 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)

    Negotiations on the new agreement to apply to all staff at the University of Tasmania have concluded. 

    Following a year of negotiations between the NTEU, UTAS and other unions who are party to ...

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    Fact Sheet
    (119 KB) - PDF

    Fact Sheet Agreement - Academic

    • Published: 02 Dec, 2013

  2. Unions vote to push for leave for workers who experience domestic violence.

    Posted 25 November 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    White Ribbon Ambassador and ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said Australian Unions will support a special resolution at the ACTU Executive on Tuesday for paid domestic violence leave to be included as a ...

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  3. Wanted - SMT that supports Job Security

    Posted 14 October 2013 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)

    Latest EBA poster - because sometimes we just wish we could replace the entire Senior Management Team at UTAS with people that supported job security... 


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    Bulletin Or Leaflet
    (123 KB) - PDF

    SMT Advert

    • Published: 14 Oct, 2013

  4. National EBA Overview and Member Resolution

    Posted 11 October 2013 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)

    Agreements have been finalised or are close to finalised at Sydney, James Cook, Charles Sturt and Deakin Universities over the past month. These new agreements protect existing ...

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  5. Lies, damned lies, and statistics...

    Posted 8 October 2013 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)

    Whichever way you look at the staffing statistics at the University of Tasmania, one thing does not change.  The current conditions for fixed-term and casual workers at UTAS are some of the worst in the country, and this is something that can and should change in the current negotiations for a new agreement. 

    For those that actually want to check out and validate the statistics, the links are below - http://www.innovation.gov.au/highereducation/HigherEducationStatistics/StatisticsPublications/Pages/Library%20Card/2012StaffNumbers.aspx

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  6. University stifles union voice on job security

    Posted 27 September 2013 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)

    The NTEU banner in relation to job security was up very briefly this week, before it was brought down by UTAS.  We were advised by UTAS that "Based on these policy provisions and feedback received, I am unable to approve the NTEU’s application to post its banner on University premises."

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  7. Petition for Job Security

    Posted 24 September 2013 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)


    The NTEU has launched a petition about job security today for Vice-Chancellor Peter Rathjen. 

    We are asking him to replace casual and fixed-term roles with ongoing ...

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  8. UTAS Declared a Crime Scene

    Posted 19 September 2013 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)


    UTAS was declared a crime scene by the NTEU because of its terrible staff statistics on Wednesday 18 September.  Job security remains the sticking point to reaching agreement, with no ...

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  9. Update on Bargaining

    Posted 6 September 2013 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)

    The NTEU can report significant progress in relation to Academic Workloads.  A sub-committee has held a number of meetings over the last month, and has prepared a clause that ensures that the Academic Workload Guidelines will be retained to protect teaching times, with agreement that research workloads will be developed over the life of the agreement.  While the clause is not completely finalized, we believe that parties are very close to agreement on this.  Thanks to Kelvin Michael and Jamie Kirkpatrick, Gary O’Donovan and Andrew Wells for their work on this clause.

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  10. NTEU Exam Ban

    Posted 4 September 2013 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)

    In the protected action ballot that members undertook in May this year, we voted to enable bans on the release of exam results. 

    We are still hoping that this is a step that we do not need to ...

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    Bulletin Or Leaflet
    (84 KB) - PDF

    Exemptions Committee

    • Published: 04 Sep, 2013