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Conservative budget approach harming staff and students

Posted 8 November 2011 by Virginia Mansel Lees (Vic Division)

NTEU La Trobe Branch has written to the Vice-Chancellor after hundreds of union members across six campuses were briefed last week about the fundamentally sound position of the University's budget. NTEU believes that La Trobe University's budget approach is far too conservative and out of proportion to the risk posed by uncapped student places in 2012.

The University has an accumulated cash balance of just under $155million dollars and returned a 4.5% operating margin in 2011 (see PowerPoint presentation below for full details).

The following motions concerning the budget were endorsed by members:

"This meeting abhors the blanket serving of termination letters to fixed term contract academic and professional/general staff without consideration of the impact on the staff members or the areas in which they work. 

Moved: Professor Rhonda Small
: Gillian Fletcher
Carried unanimously"

"This meeting urges the University to use accumulated cash reserves to protect staff, students and quality teaching and research from the worst effects of a potential downturn in student load due to the removal of student caps. 

Moved: Dr Graeme Bryne
: Dr John Tebbutt
Carried unanimously"

(744 KB) - PDF

LTU NTEU Presentation on Budget

This budget presentation was given to a general meeting of the NTEU La Trobe Branch on 3 November 2011. Note the inclusion of an additional slide about the increased use of non-academic casual staff.

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