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FBE Online Delivery – The Waiting Game

Posted 15 February 2012 by Josh Cullinan (Swinburne University of Technology)

NTEU members in the Faculty of Business & Enterprise are all too aware that the ongoing Online Delivery dispute remains unresolved. Several weeks ago NTEU agreed we will resolve the dispute when the Dean, Professor Michael Donnelly, issues a proper consultation paper over the implementation of the online delivery mode in the Faculty. The paper has been promised twice, and was ‘only hours or days away’, but weeks have now passed without any release.

Members in the area are encouraged to remain vigilant as the status quo requires that no change to duties or work (and therefore NO implementation of ANY online delivery proposals) occur while the dispute remains unresolved. Faculty Senior Management understands these obligations, however we are concerned that the appropriate regard may not be being paid to them. Members should report any concerns to FBE NTEU Representatives Jim Latham or Peter Harkness.


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