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  1. Are you interested in being on your local Branch Committee?

    Posted 8 April 2014 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    NTEU is proud of its democratic structure, which includes elected positions at national, state and local levels that are open to all NTEU members. Local Branch Committee roles are two-year terms, ...

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  2. NTEU protests call for the restoration of $2.3bn cut from higher education

    Posted 15 May 2013 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    Over 700 protestors called for the restoration of the latest $2.3bn cuts to university and student funding at a rally this afternoon in Sydney’s Victoria Park. Staff from the University of ...

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  3. Protest tomorrow to call for the restoration of university cuts

    Posted 13 May 2013 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) is urging everyone who cares about higher education to join national protests tomorrow (Tuesday 14 May), to coincide with the Federal Government bringing ...

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  4. Make your voice heard on May 14

    Posted 8 May 2013 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    We need your help to fight the massive cuts proposed to university education.

    In April, the Federal Government announced $2.3 billion in cuts from the higher education sector to help fund reforms to ...

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    14 May Rally Poster

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  5. Uni Staff Have Nothing Else To Give

    Posted 17 April 2013 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    This article was originally published on the New Matilda web site:


    Improvements to funding and equity for primary and secondary school education are essential. These should not be achieved by slashing the resources available for a quality university education.

    After the Government stripped $1 billion out of universities in the mid-year economic statement, the first major statement of the new Higher Education Minister Craig Emerson was to make a further $2.3 billion cuts to the sector. Around $1.3 billion of this will be borne by students – with the rest to come from an “efficiency dividend” of 2 per cent on payments to universities.

    Let us be very clear: this $900 million reduction is not an “efficiency dividend”. The federal government is not our shareholder and our institutions do not have profits to distribute to them or anyone else. This change is a cut to university core funding.

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  6. The video university management won’t want you to see

    Posted 28 March 2013 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    It is the day after the 48-hour strike at Sydney University and I’m reflecting on the strength and passion of NTEU members. 

    We care deeply about the future of the higher education sector. This is why addressing insecure employment is a key claim for NTEU members in this round of bargaining.
    It is also why the decision to take industrial action is never made lightly. Only after careful consideration—and following very poor response from management—do we take action.
    I want to share with you an inspiring video made by Sydney University staff, so you can hear first hand why they decided to take action to protect the university.

    Dear Michael - An open letter to the Vice Chancellor

    This campaign is not just about Sydney University—these are issues we are facing right across the sector.
    Because of this, I’m asking you to share this video with your friends, colleagues and networks. Help us distribute this very clear message: As staff, we are the people building universities for the 21st century—in practice as well as in imagination.
    You can view this video, and the open letters they are based on, on our Sydney University Branch website.

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  7. NSW Bluestocking Week Events

    Posted 8 August 2012 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    NTEU and the National Union of Students (NUS) are revitalising blue stocking week—an opportunity to celebrate and campaign around women’s participation in higher education.

    Bluestocking ...

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  8. NTEU NSW trials new ACTU training for delegates

    Posted 15 May 2012 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    We value the work of our delegates and recognise the vital role they play in our union, which is why we endeavour to ensure our delegates and activists feel trained, confident and supported in their work.

    The ACTU has been developing a new online system for delegate training, which was launched at ACTU Congress this morning. Based on our recent work with delegates, NTEU NSW Division was chosen to help trial these modules. Delegates Sue and Ben took part in the training and provided feedback.

    As a union leader I think this is a great initiative. Online training is not a replacement for face-to-face training, but it does offer another way for unions to better support delegates in their role.

    NTEU NSW Division views delegate development and support as a key priority, which is why we have launched a new handbook and quarterly publication for delegates this year. We have also developed introductory training sessions for delegates that are regularly held in the NSW Division Office.

    Later this week, we will be launching a new section on our website that provides information about how NTEU members can get involved in union activities.

    With the help of our members, activists and delegates we hope to build the NTEU and provide members with the best possible representation at work.

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  9. Higher education workers support teachers in their fight against casualisation

    Posted 11 May 2012 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    It has been reported this week that nearly 20,000 new primary and secondary teachers will need to be employed over the next five years to replace staff reaching retirement.

    This comes as proposed NSW government reforms will hand control of staffing to local principals, allowing them to replace long-serving, permanent teachers with casual and short-term arrangements.

    NSW Teachers Federation President, Maurie Mulheron, is concerned recent graduates will be exploited to achieve a cheaper workforce. He said:
    What we will have is a totally deregulated staffing structure, with an increasing number of temporary positions, no incremental pay scale and no guaranteed executive structure."
    ''The department and the minister see this as a golden time. They can exploit the fact there are a lot of young people coming in and a cheaper workforce. But they can also change the culture by putting them on short-term or casual arrangements. We're extremely worried about the future of the profession.''

    The attacks facing NSW teachers are similar to those faced by higher education staff. Our sector has already seen a dramatic increase in precarious employment, with as many as 77,000 staff in Australian universities employed as casuals. Large-scale casualisation has begun to undermine the sustainability of the academic profession in Australia.

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  10. NTEU NSW and NSW Nurses Join Forces

    Posted 20 April 2012 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    NTEU and the NSW Nurses Association have developed a dual membership arrangement to cover people in NSW who work both for the university and in a clinical context—at no extra cost to you.

    We are incredibly excited to offer dual membership in NSW for university staff nurse educators who want to maintain their membership of the NSW Nurses Association. This will be particularly useful for nursing academics who work as nurses part time—either for extra income or to maintain their clinical skills.  

    Dual membership will provide you with full industrial coverage across your teaching, research and clinical work, and allows you to stay in touch with developments and issues facing both sectors.

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