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  1. Member action builds a strong Union and wins great outcomes for general staff

    Posted 8 April 2014 by Adam Knobel (University of Sydney)

    Sydney University Branch have won a great Enterprise Agreement and built a stronger, bigger Branch following 7 days of industrial action in 2013.

    Over 200 new members have joined the NTEU – and ...

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    Congratulations to Sydney Uni NTEU members Congratulations to Sydney Uni NTEU members
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  2. General Meeting 19th March, 1pm Carslaw (LT 365)

    Posted 10 March 2014 by Kaylene Field (University of Sydney)

    The NTEU Branch would like to update members about branch activities in 2014 and how you can get involved at the General Meeting on:

    Wednesday 19th March 2014
    Time: 1pm
    , Venue: Carslaw LT - ...

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  3. Strikes Build Unions and Get Good Agreements

    Posted 25 December 2013 by Shane Reside (University of Sydney)

    For an overview of the Sydney University Enterprise Agreement campaign read the article in November's edition of the Advocate.

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  4. NTEU Members Endorse Draft Enterprise Agreement

    Posted 5 November 2013 by Shane Reside (University of Sydney)

    A meeting of NTEU members on November 4 unanimously endorsed the draft enterprise agreement below with the following motion:

    “This meeting of NTEU members endorse the draft Enterprise ...

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    University of Sydney Draft Enterprise Agreement 2014 -2017

    • Published: 05 Nov, 2013
    • Valid: 05/11/13 - 05/11/13

  5. RECLAIM SYDNEY UNI SENATE: Vote for alumni who care about staff and students

    Posted 8 October 2013 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    Reclaim Sydney Uni Senate: Vote for alumni who care about staff and students

    Many at Sydney University were alarmed by the excessive intervention of corporate University Senators in the negotiations of our recent Enterprise Agreement. This was yet another sign that corporate interests dominate Senate at the expense of quality education and democratic representation.

    Staff and students believe that Sydney University Senate should represent a broader community committed to educational advancement, rather than narrow sectional interests.

    NTEU calls on all graduates of Sydney University to vote for candidates we believe will help redress this balance. We need University Senators who will actively engage in Senate meetings and promote the education-focused mission of the University.


    We endorse the following set of candidates (in this order).

    1) Verity Firth
    2) Catriona Menzies-Pike
    3) Barbara Reed
    4) Andrew West
    5) Toby Fattore

    Ballot papers are being posted on Wednesday 9 October, so if you want to vote you need to make sure the University has your current address details. You can update your details by:

    • ringing the Development Office on (61) (02) 9036 9222, or
    • emailing the Development Office at, or
    • updating details on the website at

    We ask you to share this candidate with your contacts and via social media.

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  6. FAQs for Open Day Strike Action - August 31

    Posted 28 August 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    Frequently Asked Questions: Open Day Strike and Picket

    1. Why are NTEU members going on strike on Open Day?

    Management’s current pay offer to staff is a real wage cut of 0.5 per cent a year. It is part of a concerted effort by Vice Chancellors across the country to force down the wages of staff in the higher education sector, even as they ask us to work harder for longer.

    At Sydney, student load increased by more than 5 per cent in 2012 alone, yet staff numbers have remained unchanged. Management simply expects us to meet increased demand through increases in our workload and work intensification.

    Management’s claim that anything more than their offer is unaffordable is an attempt to suggest staff are being greedy. However, our pay claim aligns closely with community standards and expectations. Figures released by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations show national system public sector employees received average enterprise agreement wage increases of 3.9% a year in the March quarter 2013. Across the whole national system, wages in enterprise agreements increased 3.7%.

    We deserve a fair pay rise that recognises both our hard work and broader community wage outcomes.

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  7. Motions Passed at Members Meeting - August 27, 2013

    Posted 27 August 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    The following motions were passed at today's NTEU members meeting.

    1) This meeting of NTEU members endorses the Open Day Picket protocols and calls a members meeting for Wednesday 11 September.

    2) This meeting of NTEU members committs to further industrial action in the immediate weeks and considers ballotting for additional industrial action, unless management meets the union's pay claim of 4%.

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  8. Open Day Picket Line Protocol

    Posted 27 August 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    As the branch prepares for action on Open Day, Saturday August 31, the membership has endorsed a revised picket line protocol. The protocols reflect that the action on Open Day will be different from that taken on ordinary work days, and emphasises that the NTEU's primary goal on Open Day is to inform prospective students and their parents about our ongoing industrial dispute and the ways that attacks on staff working conditions will affect their learning conditions.

    You can download the protocols below.

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  9. Strike Resources for August 20

    Posted 13 August 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    At the NTEU members meeting on Tuesday July 30, members made the decision to reschedule strike action. Members resolved to take 24 hours of strike action on Tuesday August 20. Classes will be cancelled and staff are encouraged to join us on the picket lines from 7 am. The picket line protocols can be downloaded here. Posters and leaflets are available to download here. Below you will find some resources you can use if you want to talk you your students about the industrial action, including a powerpoint presentation and a letter for ongoing and for casual staff. There is also a copy of a suggested out of office

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  10. Professor Linda Connor responds to Dean of Law, Professor Joellen Riley

    Posted 13 August 2013 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    Professor Linda Connor, a member of the NTEU bargaining team and a foundation member of the NTEU, has written a response to Sydney University's Dean of Law, Professor Joellen Riley. You can read Professor Connor's piece here: SMH Website.

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