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JCU Members Vote to Take Industrial Action

What JCU members need to know about why we are voting to take industrial action
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Union Request for Financial Information

After six months of bargaining JCU management are yet to supply any hard evidence of the true financial position of the university. The NTEU writes to DVC Brand with specific details of the information they have not provided and asks for this information
Bulletin Or Leaflet
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Members Vote to Reject Management Offer

Members met today to hear a report on bargaining process and discuss management's recent offer of $1000 sign on bonus
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Letter to JCU Management re their dream draft agreement

Division Secretary Michael McNally writes to JCU management about distributing their ambit version of an enterprise agreement
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Letter from JCU DVC Robyn McGuiggan Good Faith Bargaining

DVC McGuiggan wrote to the unions in bargaining complaining because we would not accept management's breach of their own protocols for negotiating clauses for the new agreement
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Union Response re Bargaining Protocols

Qld Division Secretary Michael McNally responds to JCU management about their failure to adhere to their own bargaining protocols.
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Poster: Enterprise Agreement Vs University Policy

Download this poster and put it up in your workplace
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JCU Management Log of Claims - Final Version

At our meeting on July 7, JCU management tabled their final log of claims for this round of bargaining
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Flyer for NTEU EB Meeting

Flyer for NTEU Meeting Tomorrow (print two to a page)
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Questions we asked JCU management about university finances

Your union has been pursuing the question of financial transparency with JCU management all year. They claim all financial information is "commercial in confidence", and refuse to provide any budgetary data in any change proposal.