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  1. Monash Research Metrics Dispute in Fair Work Commission

    Posted 19 July 2016 by Lisbeth Latham (Monash University)

    Fair Work Commission Hearing

    Special Report    

    Our hearing of what we have called the “research metrics” case took place on 13 July.

    Though triggered by an academic ...

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    Bulletin Or Leaflet
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  2. NTEU scholarships: Call for applications

    Posted 25 May 2015 by Helena Spyrou (NTEU National Office)

    The NTEU has posted two scholarships for union members.

    Carolyn Allport Scholarship

    The Carolyn Allport Scholarship for postgraduate feminist studies by research – $5000 per year for a ...

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  3. Report on Monash Academic Board Discussion of Budget impact on Monash University

    Posted 6 June 2014 by Lisbeth Latham (Monash University)

    On Wednesday Academic Board members were given a 30 minute presentation summarising the changes to Higher Education foreshadowed by the recent Federal Budget and the impact they would likely have on ...

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    Say no to the deregulation of Australian Higher Education

    We as staff and students of Monash University condemn in the strongest terms the proposed changes to the Australian Higher Education system as advocated by the Abbott Coalition Government in its Budget proposals. We equally condemn the complicit nature of our own University management in working with the Group of Eight Universities to support the privatisation and deregulatory agenda of the Government.

    We condemn:

    • further erosion of our Universities as vital public institutions;
    • the intolerable debt burden placed on the shoulders of students and their families as the funding of Universities shifts even further away from a Government responsibility;
    • the even greater inequity in access, and in educational and employment outcomes that will result from the changes.

    We believe the proposed changes should be rejected in their entirety and call on all opposition parties to block the proposals in the Senate.

    Further we call on Monash University senior management and Monash University Council to make public its opposition to the Budget proposals, to defend its staff and students, and to advocate for greater Government funding of public education.


  4. In Principle Agreement Reached for new Monash EBA

    Posted 7 March 2014 by Lisbeth Latham (Monash University)

    We are pleased to announce to NTEU members that your NTEU bargaining team reached in-principle agreement on a new EBA today.  This is the second meeting since our strike action on Tuesday.


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  5. Monash Staff to Strike on March 4

    Posted 21 February 2014 by Lisbeth Latham (Monash University)

    Your Pay, Your Agreement: Strike to Show you Care on Tuesday March 4

    Meetings of NTEU members on Tues. 18th Feb voted unanimously to begin industrial action in week 1 of the semester if ...

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  6. NTEU Meeting Tuesday to vote on industrial action

    Posted 17 February 2014 by Lisbeth Latham (Monash University)

    We have been negotiating for 18 months for a new enterprise agreement. It is time the negotiations ended. While many other universities (including three Go8s) have reached agreement, management is ...

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  7. Monash management delays bargaining

    Posted 23 January 2014 by Lisbeth Latham (Monash University)

    Management has begun 2014 by cancelling the first scheduled negotiation meeting, originally set for 5 February. This is a very disappointing and concerning development, but given their past ...

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  8. Much ado about “Consultation”

    Posted 23 January 2014 by Lisbeth Latham (Monash University)

    In keeping with our theme of an unwilliness to consult, Management has failed to respond to questions put to them by staff of the Campus Community Division regarding the proposed restructure.

    At the ...

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  9. Monash management accelerates its retreat from democracy

    Posted 22 January 2014 by Lisbeth Latham (Monash University)

    Any vestiges of democracy that remained in our workplace, any tradition of the university being a place for debate and dialogue on governance has now gone.

    In a move so contemptuous in its magnitude ...

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  10. Inclusion Statements

    Posted 21 November 2013 by Emily Struck (Monash University)

    Inclusion Statements

    From Friday November 22, NTEU members are encouraged to participate in the Protected Industrial Action of Inclusion Statements.

    Members are encouraged to do all three, where ...

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