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  1. Media Release: University professional staff change the pace on Cup Day

    Posted 4 November 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    University staff are doing thousands of hours of unpaid overtime every year as they try to keep pace with the rate of change, increased enrolments and budget cuts.

    Pausing for a moment, over 120 ...

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  2. October 31 Member Meetings

    Posted 25 October 2013 by Emily Struck (Monash University)

    Display and distribute.

    Workplace Relations have confirmed that they have not instructed anyone to remove union materials.   

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  3. From the Negotiating Team 17/10/13

    Posted 24 October 2013 by Emily Struck (Monash University)

    Unfortunately the bargaining meeting for this week was cancelled at Management's request as they seek to rework and package together their claims into what they hope will be a more digestible form. ...

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    Bulletin Or Leaflet
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  4. Position Vacant: National Media & Communications Officer

    Posted 24 October 2013 by Joanne Riley (NTEU National Office)

    This position will be responsible for media relations across all media platforms including the provision of advice and guidance to all levels of the Union on free, paid and social media including ...

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  5. Community Announcements 23 October 2013

    Posted 23 October 2013 by Ken Norling (Vic Division)

    If you have anything you'd like included in this listing, please contact the NTEU Vic Division at If you would like to receive these announcements as a weekly email, go to ...

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  6. Campaign Materials

    Posted 17 October 2013 by Emily Struck (Monash University)

    Campaign materials for you to distribute.

    Have any more ideas?  Email campaign slogans and facts and figures to

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  7. From the Negotiating Team 10/10/13

    Posted 17 October 2013 by Emily Struck (Monash University)

    Wednesday witnessed another bargaining meeting at which management negotiators again professed a desire to reach Agreement with the union while at the same time hardening their position and ...

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  8. Media Release: RMIT staff to strike for a new Enterprise Agreement

    Posted 8 October 2013 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

    Classes will be cancelled and services closed for 24 hours this Thursday 10 October as RMIT University academic and professional staff strike for their new Enterprise Agreement. 

    Picket lines ...

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  9. NTEU National General Staff Conference, 5-6 November 2013

    Posted 4 October 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    NTEU’s National General Staff Conference will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday 5-6 November 2013, at the University of Adelaide. Delegates will be coming from all NTEU branches across the ...

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  10. 2013 edition of Agenda magazine

    Posted 19 September 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The 2013 edition of NTEU's annual women's magazine, Agenda, is now available online. All NTEU women members will receive a copy in the post shortly.

    We're proud of this edition, which is packed with ...

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    Agenda vol. 21

    Holding the Line!

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