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  1. Employers are watching your social media accounts

    Posted by Sean O'Brien (Macquarie University)

    The NTEU Macquarie Branch is becoming concerned that staff do not realise that posts on social media can have implications for your employment. This is especially the case when posts are ...

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  2. Long Service Leave

    Posted 2 March 2017 by Sean O'Brien (Macquarie University)

    The NTEU ENCOURAGES all members to take their Long Service Leave (LSL) when they wish too. The union movement fought long and hard to win this entitlement which was designed to give long serving ...

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  3. Vale Dr Carolyn Allport past NTEU President and Macquarie Employee

    Posted 2 March 2017 by Sean O'Brien (Macquarie University)

    Carolyn, won a scholarship to commence studies at the new Macquarie University in 1968, ironically being one of many working-class beneficiaries of the 1960s Menzies expansion of the Australian ...

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  4. Industrial Report Macquarie University

    Posted 15 September 2016 by Sean O'Brien (Macquarie University)

    The Extent of the Job Cuts at Macquarie.....a sad situation indeed....

    At last Friday’s MUCC meeting, University management reported on the extent of job cuts at the University over the past ...

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  5. Macquarie E-Bulletin March Edition

    Posted 6 March 2012 by Sean O'Brien (Macquarie University)



    Please find attached the Macquarie Branch E-Bulletin for March 2012

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    Bulletin Or Leaflet
    (135 KB) - PDF

    Macquarie E-Bulletin March 2012

    Members, Find attached the Macquaire Branch E-Bulletin for 2012
  6. NTEU Macquarie Branch Barbecue

    Posted 24 February 2012 by Sean O'Brien (Macquarie University)

    NTEU Macquarie Branch Barbecue, Tuesday Feb 28.

    Please join us for a Barbecue between 12.00 noon and 2.00pm.

    Location the grass area outside E5A/B.

    Everyone is welcome, members bring potential ...

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