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General Staff Classification

Posted 5 October 2011 by Anne Maguire (University of Wollongong)

We recently held a seminar for all UoW General Staff on position classification, which had good representation of general staff throughout the university. The seminar, which was organised and run by representatives from the NTEU NSW General Staff working Party, covered the history of classification for General staff, work level descriptors and how they interact with position descriptions, the entitlements and processes for reclassification at UoW and discussion with participants about their experiences, concerns and questions.

Throughout the discussion it became apparent that there is a large discrepancy across the university where the same jobs are classified at different levels in different work areas.

It also became apparent that people’s reclassification applications were often being knocked back for illegitimate reasons, and the Universities policy on General Staff Promotion and Reclassification policy is not being appropriately followed or applied by the University.

Classification is about the position and not the individual. All General Staff are entitled to an up to date position description that accurately represents the duties they are being required to perform. It is the responsibility of the supervisor in consultation with the staff member to review the position description from time to time to accurately reflect the duties and responsibilities of the position. Position descriptions are classified in accordance with the Work Level Descriptors contained in the current Enterprise Agreement.

Where a staff member has applied for reclassification and been knocked back they can apply to have the decision reviewed by the General Staff Promotion and Classification Review Committee.

Some feedback from the seminar’s participants:

•        “I found the seminar very enlightening, and so did both of my colleagues who came along to the session. It was great to get some clarification on our rights regarding classification. None of us had any idea of the processes and policies that are in place to assist us in being reclassified.”

•        “The seminar was very informative, it provided us with the knowledge of our rights for staff reclassification as well as informing us of avenues for assistance.”

•        “I really liked the seminar. I found it useful and learnt things I didn’t know.”

The Branch is now working with a number of members on drafting their reclass applications and will support them through the process. If you are interested in applying for reclassification contact the branch on ext 3701 or by email to [email protected] to receive advice and assistance.

Alternatively, if you missed the seminar and are interested in attending another one, contact the branch on ext 3701 or by email to [email protected]


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