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Posted 18 May 2011 by Anne Maguire (University of Wollongong)

The members’  meeting held Wednesday 11 May was well attended by members who made it apparent that the lack of movement from UOW management was no longer to be tolerated. Members were united in expressing their disgust that UOW is now one of two Universities left in the country yet to finalise an agreement for Academic staff.


The following motion was passed unanimously by members:


This meeting: is disgusted that the  Vice Chancellor Gerard Sutton has allowed UOW to drop to the bottom of the pack of 37 Universities across Australia. We express outrage that management refuses to engage in intensive bargaining when Macquarie and 34 other universities have agreed to the Union’s claims.  This meeting

Demands the VC direct the UOW management bargaining team to engage in at least  a full day intensive bargaining by  May 19, 2011 to ensure an agreement is reached.

2)  Insist the new UOW Academic Agreement include:
        a) Fair, equitable and transparent workloads
        b) Pay outcome that allows Wollongong to achieve a competitive  position among other universities in NSW
        c) Security of employment
        d) Parental leave in line with the rest of the university sector.
        e) Additional pay for all work done by casuals including marking
        f) Early career opportunities for casuals to convert to permanent employment.

3) Directs the Branch to explore all options for action and campaigning to be put to a meeting of members on 1June 2011 should an agreement not be reached.


The resolution has been sent to the Vice Chancellor and the demand for intensive bargaining has been put to management


We encourage members to continue to raise the issue in their workplaces with their colleagues and continue to put pressure on UOW management to finalise the Agreement by coming to the next meeting on 1 June 2001.

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