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  1. Support factual publishing on climate change

    Posted 22 October 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    As university staff we know that there is a big difference between well researched facts and unsupported supposition. Unfortunately we aren't always well served by the mainstream media. Climate ...

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  2. How will a price on carbon affect your cost of living? Add the numbers up for yourself with a new online calculator.

    Posted 2 December 2011 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    Consumer advocate CHOICE, the Australian Council of Social Service and The Climate Institute have teamed up to look at the cost of living impacts of the carbon price. With the carbon price now ...

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  3. NTEU publishes green universities report

    Posted 7 November 2011 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    The Functional Dynamics of Green Universities was written by John Rafferty and Carolyn O’Dwyer of Charles Sturt University, with support of the NTEU NSW Division. It came out of a NSW union conference in late 2010, which examined the potential contribution of workers in the education and services industries to promote sustainability within their workplaces and their unions.
    The impetus for this report came from NTEU members who wanted to unpack some of the language around sustainability initiatives and green scorecards on campuses and develop a model for ongoing engagement. The writers issue a challenge to the Australian higher education sector to broaden and intensify its efforts for sustainability and embed these into their culture and practices.

    The report is available for download below and from www.pushingtheboundaries.org.au/reports

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  4. Get the facts about climate change

    Posted 28 September 2011 by Alex White (Vic Division)

    The Climate Institute has developed a two-page myth-buster on climate change, debunking the six most common climate myths.

    The NTEU supports strong action on climate change - and you can become an ...

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  5. Climate champions workshop with Ann Pettifor

    Posted 17 August 2011 by Alex White (Vic Division)

    The NTEU is hosting a special workshop for climate activists with Ann Pettifor.

    The workshop will be an opportunity to find out how we can afford to make cuts in carbon pollution emissions we need ...

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  6. NTEU Vic supports launch of EarthWorker 100,000 Australians campaign

    Posted 11 August 2011 by Alex White (Vic Division)

    The NTEU in Victoria today supported the launch of the Earth Worker 100,000 Australians campaign.

    The 100,000 Australians campaign aims to grow Australian manufacturing in the renewable energy ...

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    Launch of the Earth Worker 100,000 Australians campaign Launch of the Earth Worker 100,000 Australians campaign
  7. Don’t miss your chance to transform your thinking

    Posted 14 July 2011 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    Time is running out to register for Transforming Australia – jobs, industry and the green economy, the first national professional conference of its kind.
    With the Federal Government announcing its carbon pricing policy on Sunday, there has never been a better time to get informed and discuss the impacts of a carbon constrained economy on jobs, industry and regional economies in particular.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the debate.

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  8. SMH: Death threats to climate scientists

    Posted 4 July 2011 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    Death threats to climate scientists was also reported in the Sydney Morning Herald here.

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  9. UWA Media Release on Monckton talks

    Posted 30 June 2011 by Jen T. Kwok (NTEU National Office)

    Vice-Chancellor Professor Alan Robson distanced himself from Lord Monckton's Climate sceptic roadshow on the UWA website.

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  10. Climate Active Australia: Labor Government capitulates to vested interests rather than taking real action of climate change

    Posted 15 June 2011 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

    Climate Active Australia (www.climateactiveaustralia.org), a climate media organisation supported by a broad range of community organisations concerned about climate change, released the following ...

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