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  1. Wikibomb planned to boost Wikipedia content on Australian women scientists

    Posted 4 August 2014 by Jeannie Rea (Women)

    Hot on the heels of NTEU/NUS/CAPA Bluestocking Week is National Science Week (16-24 August), during which the Australian Academy of Science is holding a Women of Science Wikibomb (14 ...

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  2. Media Release: La Trobe University refuses to hear staff on savage job cuts

    Posted 3 August 2014 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

    The La Trobe University Chancellor has refused to allow the NTEU to speak to a petition from staff and students against 350 job cuts at La Trobe.  
    The NTEU had made a formal approach to ...

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  3. Cross the line and tell us your bluestocking story

    Posted 30 July 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    Click here to submit your story or image

    This year, it’s time for action on campuses. NTEU with NUS and CAPA will use Bluestocking Week to highlight the importance of women speaking out and sharing our stories and views.

    We need to hear the stories of the women in our universities as we "cross the line" and challenge attitudes that seek to restrict women's freedom and opportunities.  In short, we want to hear diverse and contemporary ‘bluestocking’ experiences.

    We can create a human tapestry that describes the experiences of women who work and study in our universities, as women ‘cross the line’ and challenge attitudes that seek to restrict our freedom and opportunities.

    We want to hear from all women in the university community:

    • students,
    • academics
    • professional and general staff
    • graduates
    • friends

    Tell us your stories of the value of education and opportunity, and what you are doing to challenge the status

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  4. Media Release - Freedom of Speech

    Posted 30 July 2014 by Clare Danaher (La Trobe University)

    24 JULY 2014


    Freedom of speech stifled at La Trobe University?


    La Trobe University has misquoted its own social media policy after a forum discussing job cuts at the University went ...

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  5. Campaign Rally MONDAY 11 AUGUST

    Posted 30 July 2014 by Clare Danaher (La Trobe University)

    This campaign event is not to be missed.  Join with your colleagues to show your support for our campaign against the job cuts. 

    Download the poster here....

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    (970 KB) - JPG

    RALLY Monday 11 AUGUST

    Support our campaign against the cuts, join with your colleagues and come to our next Rally.

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  6. Bluestocking Week Event 13 August

    Posted 30 July 2014 by Clare Danaher (La Trobe University)

    In celebrating the participation of women in higher education, the La Trobe NTEU Branch invites you to to this special event.

    Dr Clare Wright, who recently authored The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, ...

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    Key Event - Bluestocking Week

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  7. What the VC's not telling you about the finances

    Posted 18 July 2014 by Clare Danaher (La Trobe University)

    What the VC's not telling you about the finances. What your wages will be spent on if your job goes? Download the presentation from Wednesday's Rally here" 

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    (1 MB) - PDF

    What the VC's not telling you.

  8. VC's Shopping List

    Posted 18 July 2014 by Clare Danaher (La Trobe University)

    What's the VC going to buy with all those the so-called strategic savings?

    Show your support for our campaign against the job cuts by downloading this poster and putting on your door, window, ...

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    (1 MB) - PDF

    VC's Shopping List Poster

  9. University funding cuts cause severe indigestion for government (SMH 14.7.14)

    Posted 14 July 2014 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

    Crossbench senators with an ear to popular opinion could become even less co-operative when university cuts come before them, with new polling showing the Coalition’s changes are poison in voter-land.

    Extensive automated phone polling across 23 federal electorates taking in all states has found cuts in federal funding and changes to allow increased fees, higher loan charges, and access to limited federal funding by non-university course providers, have not gone over well with households.

    Sixty-nine per cent of those polled said they opposed “significant increases in fees” and 65 per cent said they opposed a 20 per cent funding

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  10. FAQ: EOI, Redeployment and Redundancy

    Posted 10 July 2014 by Clare Danaher (La Trobe University)


    Frequently Asked Questions about EOI, redeployment and Redundancy.

    The La Trobe University Collective Agreement 2014 can be downloaded from the NTEU website ( Please ...

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