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  1. NTEU publishes green universities report

    Posted 7 November 2011 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    The Functional Dynamics of Green Universities was written by John Rafferty and Carolyn O’Dwyer of Charles Sturt University, with support of the NTEU NSW Division. It came out of a NSW union conference in late 2010, which examined the potential contribution of workers in the education and services industries to promote sustainability within their workplaces and their unions.
    The impetus for this report came from NTEU members who wanted to unpack some of the language around sustainability initiatives and green scorecards on campuses and develop a model for ongoing engagement. The writers issue a challenge to the Australian higher education sector to broaden and intensify its efforts for sustainability and embed these into their culture and practices.

    The report is available for download below and from www.pushingtheboundaries.org.au/reports

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  2. NTEU at the Secure Jobs, Better Future launch

    Posted 29 September 2011 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    UWS casual academic, Chris Elenor, spoke about his experiences as a casual worker at the launch of the ACTU’s Secure Jobs, Better Future campaign yesterday.

    While national figures indicate that 40% of the Australian workforce is employed in some form of insecure work, the situation is even more stark in higher education. Recent research has revealed that 60% of the academic workforce in universities is employed on a casual basis. 

    Secure Jobs, Better Future is a national campaign to improve the rights and working lives of Australians employed in insecure work. More information about the campaign can be found here.

    Chris Elenor is the newly elected chair of the NTEU National Academic Casuals Committee. Some of his experiences as a casual worker were published yesterday in SMH online.

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  3. Sydney Alliance Founding Assembly

    Posted 21 September 2011 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    Our Involvement in the Sydney Alliance Founding Assembly:

    On Thursday evening, the 15th of September, NTEU members from various Universities attended the Sydney Alliance Founding Assembly in Sydney Town Hall.  There was also a seminar held in the NSW Division Office prior to attending the Assembly amongst NTEU members to discuss our involvement.

    Between 6 and 7pm, Sydney Town Hall was packed full and over 2000 people spilled over the streets, square and footpaths around the town hall.

    It was an incredible site seeing the sheer numbers and diversity of people inside. Soon after the Founding Assembly began, the leaders of member organizations spoke in a fast-paced roll call.

    Genevieve Kelly, introduced the NTEU and explained the reason why we have joined saying,

    “NTEU represents all staff across all Universities in Sydney. We are a founding member of the Sydney Alliance, because our members don’t just want to understand the world, we want to change it. “

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  4. Support NSW Public Sector Workers on September 8

    Posted 29 August 2011 by Kiraz Janicke (University of New South Wales)

    Dear NTEU member,

    The Barry O’Farrell Government has introduced new laws that give NSW public sector workers the worst industrial rights of any workers in Australia.

    These laws give the ...

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  5. Congratulations Cathy Rytmeister

    Posted 26 August 2011 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    Congratulations to Cathy Rytmeister (NTEU Maquarie Branch President), who last night received recognition for her union activism at a Unions NSW award ceremony.

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    Cathy Rytmeister receives union activism award from former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.
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  6. Brave New World? More like an old undemocratic one.

    Posted 24 August 2011 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    NSW State Secretary, Genevieve Kelly, has penned the following letter (Campus Review, 15 August 2011) in response to Fred Hilmer’s argument that modern university governance needs fewer elected representatives.

    “Academics – and particularly historians – must have stifled a laugh when they read Fred Hilmer’s prescription for a “brave new world” of university governance. (Campus Review, June 14). According to the UNSW vice-chancellor, modern university governance needs fewer elected representatives, to create a more streamlined approach.

    Reading between the lines, it’s clear Professor Hilmer thinks a university council should be little more than a rubber stamp for the whims of its executive. Elections are a messy business, after all, and to quote Campus Review, “Hilmer believes elected representatives on a council end up representing their constituents

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  7. NTEU on Facebook

    Posted 21 July 2011 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    To complement our existing communication methods, the NTEU NSW Division has established a Facebook page to provide members and supporters with updates on what is happening in Branches across the state.
    If you are on Facebook, please like our page: http://www.facebook.com/nteunsw

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  8. UTS Bargaining Update

    Posted 29 June 2010 by (NTEU National Office)



    Please go to: http://www.petitiononline.com/r5utseba/petition.html

    In mid-June UTS Management produced its full claim for the current round of Academic and General ...

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  9. NTEU SCU Resolves to Ban Marks

    Posted 3 June 2010 by (NTEU National Office)

    A general meeting of members on Tuesday 1 June resolved to reinstitute marking bans should agreement on the outstanding issues of salary and expiry date not be resolved by Friday 4 June (see below ...

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  10. NTEU SCU Bargaining News

    Posted 13 May 2010 by (NTEU National Office)

    Wednesday 12 May 2010  

    Update on Enterprise Bargaining

    Bargaining has been frustrated by Management’s refusal to meet half way on a number of significant clauses. Consequently, their strategy is ...

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