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  1. Enterprise Bargaining 2012: Interim Log of Claims

    Posted 17 April 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    The NTEU has lodged our Interim Log of Claims, and last week we discussed with Management setting meetings to begin Enterprise Bargaining.

    This log was endorsed at the NTEU Members Meeting on March 21, 2012. It is just the beginning of the campaign, and we encourage all members to contact us with any other issues they would like to see included in this round of Enterprise Bargaining.

    We know too, that the Vice Chancellor and the Provost are holding work place meetings around Enterprise Bargaining. The NTEU is encouraging all members to attend these meetings and raise issues from this interim log. We especially encourage members to mention their opposition to the job cuts and to raise issues around job security and redundancy provisions.


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  2. No Job Cuts: Time Line Arising from Fair Work Australia

    Posted 17 April 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    The NTEU took our dispute with the University of Sydney to Fair Work Australia in March. The full document is available on our website. We have managed to delay implementation of the Change Plan, including delaying the issuing of redundancy notices and we have successfully argued for increased consultation. More than this the University has had to acknowledge that they have failed to conduct this process correctly. Here is the time line arising from that decision, outlining the consultation process and the dates by which each step must be completed.

    Time line arising from FWA:

    23 March        University Management will notify staff who have already accepted VR that they may withdraw this acceptance

    30 March        University Management will notify staff no longer on the list that they are off of the list.

     University Management will notify staff whose positions are still under consideration for VR or transfer to teaching focused positions of this fact.

     University Management (Deans, HoDs) will then consult with staff whose positions are directly affected and their local work groups.

    27 April           Consultation process complete.

    30 April           Deans must report to the Provost.

    4 May              Final change plan with outcome of consultations and proposed actions including redeployment.

    7 May              Final decisions in relation to individual staff are made and formal notice of redundancies or teaching-focused offers are issued.

    Staff given redundancies will have 4 weeks to request a formal review/appeal of the decision and can ask for all information used by the University to make its determination of redundancy. The NTEU will provide representation to each member who appeals the redundancy decision.

    8 August        Redundancies are scheduled to occur.

    Please note that no final decisions about redundancies have yet been made by the University.

    This means:

    Individual consultation and local workplace consultation will take place between 30 March and 27 April 2012. We must use the ‘local’ work area meetings to build the case against the redundancies.

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  3. No Job Cuts: Fair Work Australia Settlement

    Posted 27 March 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

     Below is a copy of the Settlement reached in Fair Work Australia between the NTEU and the University of Sydney.

    The settlement begins "The University has agreed with the NTEU to further consultation as part of the change management process by taking the following steps…”

    These steps include, delaying the implementation of the process, and consulting with all affected staff members, including those being made redundant or being reclassified, and their colleagues at the local level.  The University has also agreed to provide change proposals for all General Staff areas where there are or may be proposed changes in "work activities or services, hours of operation or working hours, organisational structure and work processes, technological change and the redeployment of staff."

    The NTEU will be providing support to members for the local consultation meetings.


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  4. No Job Cuts: Lecture Slides

    Posted 20 March 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    The NTEU will be holding a Rally and March protesting the job cuts on Wednesday, April 04.

    If you would like to promote the rally and talk to your students about the No Job Cuts campaign, we have prepared some power point slides for you to download. In these slidew we remind studets of the potential impact on their experience of the University, including the fact that some lecturers will be gone in semester two.

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  5. No Job Cuts: Rally and March

    Posted 20 March 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    In the last teaching week before Easter, we will be holding a Rally and a March protesting the Job Cuts.

    We will meet at the Madsen Building (at the City Rd end of Eastern Avenue), then march down to the Front Lawns where we will hold a rally and speeches.

    This is a great way to finish the first part of the semester off with a bang and to help maintain momentum over the break.


    Where:           Meeting at the Madsen Building

    When:            Wednesday, April 04.

    Time:             1pm-2pm.

    Please come along and encourage your colleagues to attend too.

    If you would like to discuss the job cuts with your students and promote the Rally and  March, we have prepared some PowerPoint slides you can download and use in lectures.

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  6. No Job Cuts: Motion Passed at Mass Meeting

    Posted 15 March 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    Thanks to everyone who came to the mass meeting last week, the turn out was great.  Around 700 members of the university community attended and the following motion was passed unanimously:

    That ...

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    Attendees at the NTEU Mass Meeting vote to pass motion expressing a lack of confidence in the Vice Chancellor - 07 March 2012
  7. No Job Cuts: Rally at the Senate Meeting

    Posted 15 March 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    As part of the No Job Cuts Campaign we will be rallying outside the next University of Sydney Senate Meeting.

    Rally at the University of Sydney Senate Meeting

    Where: Darlington Centre

    When: Monday, March 19

    Time: 3 pm

    This week, the NTEU wrote to the Chancellor outlining our concerns about the job cuts, and asking for a meeting to discuss these further. We also provided a copy of our letter to the Fellows of Senate. They know how we feel, but we need to back up our letter with a strong presence at the Senate Meeting.  

    In addition, staff members will be presenting a petition calling on the Senate to intervene and protect jobs at the Sydney University.

    Come along and support Sydney staff and students.

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  8. No Job Cuts: Members Meeting

    Posted 15 March 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    Our next Members Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 21. There will be a lot to report back on, particularly after our hearing in Fair Work Australia and our meeting with the Chancellor on Friday, March 16, and the rally at the Senate Meeting on Monday, 19 March.

    Members Meeting

    Where: Carslaw 373*

    When:  Wednesday, 21 March

    Time:   1 pm.

    *please note the change in venue from the notice in the eBulletin.


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  9. No Job Cuts at the University of Sydney: Petition

    Posted 14 March 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    Some of the staff at the University of Sydney have organised a petition calling on the University Senate to intervene to protect jobs at the University.

    The University of Sydney Senate meets next Monday. And it is the intention of the petition organisers, that the petition  be presented to Senate Fellows for that meeting.

    If you are concerned about the job cuts at Sydney University, if you think that they will negatively impact the student experience, increase workloads and threaten the University's reputation please sign the petition: Urge the University of Sydney Senate to Stop the "Change Plan" and Job Cuts

    Feel free to circulate this petition through your networks and among the academic community generally.


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  10. NTEU Demands Information about Final Change Proposal

    Posted 28 February 2012 by Kate Barnsley (University of Sydney)

    On Monday, 27 February, the NTEU Sydney University Branch submitted a request for further information about management's Final Change Proposal.

    In our letter we demanded more information from the University, including information about how staff were selected for redundancy, whether further redundancies are slated, student enrollment numbers, capital expenditures, and information about the University's assessment of the impacts of their proposal on casualisation and workplace health and safety. We also demanded that the university halt all non-contracted capital expenditure.

    You can read our response in full below.


    (52 KB) - PDF

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