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  1. More Women Strongly Oppose the Federal Government's Uni Deregulation Plans

    Posted 2 July 2014 by Terri Macdonald (NTEU National Office)

    Given the overwhelming evidence on the impact of deregulation and other higher education policy changes proposed by the Federal Government, it should come as no real surprise that more women are ...

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  2. Bluestocking Week 2014: Crossing the Line

    Posted 23 June 2014 by Jeannie Rea (Women)

    This year’s Bluestocking Week theme is ‘Crossing the Line’. How could it be otherwise? The line has been crossed already, not by us but by the Abbott Coalition Government and their advocates and supporters, who are seeking to wind back the clock as they actively attack pro-women and feminist policies and perspectives. We cannot stand on the sideline, but have to cross the line ourselves.

    Last year, we focused on what the future may hold as it looked like the outcome of the federal election would be a neo-conservative Coalition Government.  

    The National Union of Students (NUS) announced early last year that ‘Our bluestockings are on the line.’ NTEU responded in August arguing that we must ‘hold the line’, defending equity and accessibility in universities, highlighting the value of education in a progressive society, and underlining the need to maintain a quality higher education sector through appropriate levels of public

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  3. Unions Tasmania Anna Stewart Program

    Posted 20 June 2014 by Miranda Jamieson (Tas Division)

    In April 1983, Anna Stewart, a long time campaigner for women's rights, and prominent union official, died tragically. The Anna Stewart Memorial Project was established as an annual work experience ...

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  4. There is a gender pay gap in universities: Bluestocking Week Competition

    Posted 9 August 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    Guess the gender pay gap for general staff at your university – and win a prize. CLICK HERE TO ENTER

    In November 2012, the gender pay gap in Australia stood at 17.6%. The average weekly ...

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  5. There is a gender pay gap in universities: Bluestocking Week 12-16 August

    Posted 2 August 2013 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    During Bluestocking Week, the Union is both celebrating the achievements of women staff and students in higher education and highlighting the ongoing gender inequities.

    Recently the ACTU President, ...

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  6. Landmark agreement to support employees affected by domestic violence

    Posted 25 July 2013 by Carmel Shute (NTEU National Office)

    New protections will be available for employees who experience situations of violence in their domestic lives, thanks to a landmark agreement between Swinburne University of Technology and the National Tertiary Education Union.

    With more than thirty universities in Australia looking to conclude enterprise agreements this year, this new set of entitlements for those who experience domestic violence will be a model for other universities – and other Australian employers – to follow.

    Swinburne and the NTEU have reached agreement on new protections which will be codified in the Enterprise Agreement which covers staff of the

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  7. Casualisation “the dirty little secret of university expansion”, union to tell public parliamentary hearings into insecure employment bill

    Posted 24 May 2013 by Grahame McCulloch (NTEU National Office)

    A casual academic, who received an award for teaching excellence from the University of Sydney, has been so desperate for housing she lived on the balcony of the home of an elderly man, and ...

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  8. NTEU renews call for a review of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) scheme

    Posted 13 December 2012 by Carmel Shute (NTEU National Office)

    The NTEU has renewed its call for a review of the ERA’s cost-effectiveness and its broader ramifications upon the Australian research community.

    NTEU National President Jeannie Rea said, ...

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  9. 2012 edition of Agenda

    Posted 12 September 2012 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The 2012 edition of NTEU women's magazine, Agenda, is now available!

    This issue is packed with stories from the NTEU/NUS revival of Bluestocking Week, plus articles on the current round of ...

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    (5 MB) - PDF

    Agenda vol.20

    September 2012. ISSN 1839-6186 (print), ISSN 1839-6194 (online)

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  10. Anna Stewart Program

    Posted 31 May 2012 by Catherine Kirkman (Tas Division)

    Are you a female member of the NTEU Tasmanian Division? Looking to be more active within the NTEU, make some connections with other women - or interested in unions, industrial relations etc?
    Attached ...

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    Bulletin Or Leaflet
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    Anna Stewart Memorial Program

    • Published: 31 May, 2012
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