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  1. La Trobe's flawed academic workloads framework

    Posted 10 April 2013 by Graeme Byrne (La Trobe University)

    Most academics will be aware that a new workloads framework is now limping into operation across the university. Its convoluted nature and silly formulas (accompanied by a picture of Einstein) has ...

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    Not even Einstein could understand La Trobe's workload formulas

    The formula shown on this poster is taken from an actual workload guideline at La Trobe. It gives people a certain number of workload points but these points don't correspond with hours - no one can work out how much work they are really being allocated.
  2. Swinburne Academic Workload Models - FWA, Negotiations & Renegade Deans

    Posted 27 November 2012 by Josh Cullinan (Swinburne University of Technology)


    On 15th October Fair Work Australia heard an application by NTEU that affected academic staff had failed to reach agreement with Faculty Management over the negotiation of a lawful Academic ...

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  3. Report on VU Academic Workloads by Sydney University Workplace Research Centre

    Posted 15 February 2012 by Russel Baader (Victoria University)

    Report on VU Academic Workloads by Sydney University Workplace Research Centre

    Richard Gough, VU Branch President

    During November 2011 over 100 academic staff from all schools took part in focus ...

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  4. Academic workloads campaign at Swinburne

    Posted 31 May 2011 by Alex White (Vic Division)

    The Swinburne Branch of the NTEU has begun discussions with the university with a view to commencing negotiations for more manageable workload models.  Presently, both the University and the ...

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