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  1. eYarn - The cut-price April 2013 edition...

    Posted 17 April 2013 by Celeste Liddle (Indigenous)

    It has been a huge month on a number of fronts in the world of Higher Education, and this edition of eYarn promises to be quite the involved one! What with the Federal Government announcing funding ...

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  2. Indigenous students and staff will be caught in university and student support cuts

    Posted 16 April 2013 by Celeste Liddle (Indigenous)

    The recent announcements from the Government with regards to the Higher Education, on the surface, appear to not disadvantage Indigenous students in any specific ways. After all, Indigenous students ...

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  3. NSW Division Indigenous forum tomorrow (28/3), and update on other Division forums

    Posted 27 March 2013 by Celeste Liddle (Indigenous)

    The Division Indigenous Forums kick off tomorrow in the NSW Division. In what looks to be a well-attended event with half of the branches across the Division represented, a lively day filled with ...

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  4. eYarn - March 2013 edition

    Posted 12 March 2013 by Celeste Liddle (Indigenous)

    The National Indigenous Unit would like to wish all of the Indigenous caucus a belated Happy New Year and hopes that thusfar all have had a wonderful start to 2013. The National Indigenous Unit, ...

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  5. First Indigenous targets, now procedural Acknowledgements of Country prove problematic for UniMelb Management

    Posted 11 February 2013 by Celeste Liddle (Indigenous)

    The National Indigenous Unit and the Indigenous Policy Committee are intrigued, to say the least, by the reluctance of the management of UniMelb to include an Acknowledgement of Country in the ...

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  6. But you're too pretty to be Aboriginal...

    Posted 1 February 2013 by edXpress (edXpress)

    Celeste Liddle, the NTEU’s National Indigenous Organiser, is a keen feminist blogger, but she was astonished last year when she was contacted by Fairfax Media’s online women’s ...

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  7. eYarn - Shutdown Period edition

    Posted 14 December 2012 by Celeste Liddle (Indigenous)

    Welcome to the end of the year! The National Indigenous Unit hopes that the assessment/application period is going well for everyone, and that all enjoy a well-earned break during the shutdown ...

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  8. eYarn - National Council edition

    Posted 16 October 2012 by Celeste Liddle (Indigenous)

    September and October every year mark a peak period in NTEU activity, particularly in an election year! Following the NTEU elections, the National Indigenous Unit is happy to announce that for the ...

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  9. A Greater Commitment to Indigenous Employment - What we are Bargaining for at Murdoch

    Posted 10 October 2012 by Amy Talbot (Murdoch University)

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    Bulletin Or Leaflet
    (372 KB) - PDF

    Murdoch Branch Indigenous Claim flyer

    The NTEU Murdoch Branch is bargaining for improvements in the University's commitment to Indigenous employment.

  10. Review of Higher Education Access & Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

    Posted 17 September 2012 by Adam Frogley (Indigenous)

    On 14 September 2012, Minister Chris Evans and Professor Larissa Behrendt released the final report and recommendations on the Review of Higher Education Access and Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres ...

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