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  1. How much does your vice chancellor cost?

    Posted 30 September 2014 by Paul Kniest (NTEU National Office)

    Vice Chancellor's Remuneration 2013

    The NTEU believes that the Australian public has the right to know how much it costs each of Australia’s public universities to remunerate their vice ...

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    Fact Sheet
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    VC Remuneration 2013 Revised

  2. Rally at Christopher Pyne's Office

    Posted 29 September 2014 by Juliet Fuller (University of South Australia)

    University Staff, Students and members of the community gathered at Christopher Pynes’ electoral office on September 10 to protest his Higher Education agenda and to present him with an invoice ...

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  3. Australian VC's Remuneration 2013

    Posted 25 September 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The Competition has closed

    Thank you to all those who particpated. 

    We have a winner who will be notified by email.

    The answers will be released first thing Wednseday 1 ...

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  4. NTEU Submission to Senate Inquiry

    Posted 23 September 2014 by Paul Kniest (NTEU National Office)

    National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)

    Submission to Senate Inquiry Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment (HERRA) Bill 2014

    The National Tertiary Education Union’s (NTEU) ...

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  5. Reverse the music cuts

    Posted 23 September 2014 by Katherine Gale (University of Adelaide)

    Please take a moment to send an email and show your support for music education in SA.

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    Reverse the Music Cuts

    "The University of Adelaide says State Government funding cuts have forced it to cut all its vocational music courses in 2015."   From this article in Crikey's Daily Review, 15 August 2014

    These cuts, which seem to result from a failure of the State Government and the University to reach agreement about funding levels, will mean a serious reduction in musical education opportunities in South Australia. Not only do the courses provide a lot of vocational training to make young musicians industry-ready, they also form an important pathway for students into university-level music study.

    Between the immediate loss of these courses and the loss of potential students for the remaining offerings, these are nervous times for the future of the Elder Conservatorium of Music as a whole.

    But the situation is not irreversible.

    Please take a moment to send an email to the Premier, Ministers, Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean asking them to re-open discussions and find a way to safeguard music in SA.

    All emails sent are confidential except to the recipient, the sender and our branch office. You can chose which of the listed recipients will receive your email.

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  6. Make a Submission to the Senate Committee on the Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment Bill 2014

    Posted 16 September 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The Federal Government’s Budget proposals to Higher Education will radically change the sector severely impacting on Universities, staff, and students.   The NTEU has been campaigning ...

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  7. Little shift in gender disparity in higher ed

    Posted 16 September 2014 by Jeannie Rea (Women)

    There has been little shift for some time in the gender disparity in higher education careers and studies. In some areas gender equity has deteriorated. The proportion of women vice chancellors has fallen to 20%, just eight out of 39. It had climbed to one third a few years ago. And just the second woman to head up a ‘Group of 8’ University, starts at Monash this September.

    There has been little shift in the proportion of women academics still hovering around 44%, and women are still less than one third of the professorial class, but now at least more than one quarter. While women are two thirds of general and professional staff, and have made significant inroads into senior positions (45%), there does not seem to be any recent gains. Women still predominate in lower levels and more insecure jobs across all

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  8. Media Release- September 10 Rally

    Posted 9 September 2014 by Juliet Fuller (SA Division)

    10 SEPTEMBER 2014

    Media Release: Pyne on the nose with university staff, students and the wider electorate

    A rally will be held outside of Christopher Pyne’s electorate office on Wednesday 10 ...

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  9. SA Dinner Out from ‘under the thumb’

    Posted 5 September 2014 by Paul Clifton (Women)

    Over 70 people attended the SA Division’s sold out Bluestocking Week dinner on 13 August, a fundraiser for the Working Women’s Centre.

    Chaired by Janet Giles, former secretary of SA ...

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  10. Agenda 2014 out now

    Posted 5 September 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    The 2014 edition of Agenda, NTEU's women's journal, is now available online. Mailout of hardcopy to members will begin on 10 September.

    Check the NTEU Women's blog for postings of selected features ...

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    Agenda vol. 22

    Crossing the Line!

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