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Climate Change/Carbon Tax Rallies on Sunday 5 June

Posted 25 May 2011 by Paul Clifton (NTEU National Office)

In February 2011, unions launched a petition calling for urgent action on climate change, and in support of a price on carbon. More than 12,000 Australian workers have signed the petition so far. The ACTU along with WWF-Australia have handed the first part of the petition to Climate Change Minister,  Greg Combet, to show there is strong support from working Australians for a price on pollution.

Australia's unions continue to be in this national debate to ensure workers' rights and interests are protected. Australian workers get on with things. And that is why, in conjunction with environmental groups, we’re participating in National YES week. We’ve come together because we know there is a broad majority of Australians who want action on climate change and a price on pollution – but their voices are being drowned out by a reckless scare campaign.

It's our chance to change the story about what a price on pollution means for Australia. Our involvement with Say Yes Australia complements the ongoing policy work and negotiations with government that unions are doing to ensure that the final design of a price on pollution includes support for emission-intensive and trade-exposed industries, measures to protect existing jobs, programs to attract investment in clean energy and production, and assistance to households.

National YES week is from May 30th to June 5th. 

June 5 Rally Details:

Sydney: Prince Alfred Park, 11 am
Melbourne: Outside the State Library, 11 am
Adelaide: Victoria Square, 11 am
Brisbane: Riverstage, 1pm
Perth: Perth Cultural Centre - Wetlands stage, 11am
Hobart: Franklin Square, 11am
Canberra: Regatta Point (near the bridge), 1.30pm

Visit for more details and updates


  1. John c said on 12:48 Sunday 5 Jun, 2011

    [ -1 ] What do all 'climate change haters' have in common ??Greed !!They are afraid of loosing there decadent and excessive life styles

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  2. Hugh Venables said on 14:10 Friday 3 Jun, 2011

    [ +1 ] I find it hard to believe that creating a whole new power generation industry could result in a net loss of jobs. Has it also become more important to value present comforts over the well being and possibly the continued existence of future generations?

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  3. Leigh Blackall said on 18:48 Tuesday 31 May, 2011

    [ +1 ] As an NTEU member, I am sorry to see NTEU promoting a rally on "action for climate change" that seems outside the scope of NTEU, and alienating many of its members who don't agree or support many aspects of this rally and its cause. I appreciate NTEU's responsibility to take on and support issues outside its immediate brief, but given that this is a particularly contentious issue, directly related to questions of scientific integrity and academic engagement (or the failures of it), I think some distance would have been wiser.

    All the best however,
    Leigh Blackall
    University of Canberra

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  4. Alex White said on 12:42 Tuesday 31 May, 2011

    [ +1 ] I support the NTEU's position on having a price on carbon. Big polluters should have to pay for putting pollution into our atmosphere and the money should be used (as the Govt is proposing) to compensate working people for any price rises.

    Most countries that we trade and compete with already have some form of carbon price (all European countries, Britain, California - even China has a carbon price of $15 per tonne and India has a tax on coal burning).

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  5. Raymond Davy said on 23:10 Monday 30 May, 2011

    [ 0 ] Here! Here! When is the NTEU going to get a petition to say NO CARBON TAX - NO WAY JOSE!
    If 12,000 unionists say yes to losing their jobs (exported overseas where no such tax applies) how about giving the millions of the rest of us a vote before blindly getting behind Julia Kate and Daryl/Michael Kernigan/Paton! Tell em they're dreamin'. Come on members show what you think of this impost on our living standards.
    I respect the rights of the 12,000 unionists who have signed but what are they thinking, they all need to be considerate of the millions of working families who are going to be affected. This is much worse than "Work Choices" could ever be. I suppose I could have been"considerate and respectful" as a silent majority but I have lost respect for the current government for the lack of consideration and dis respect shown by this government in broken promises on NO CARBON TAX under "the government I lead"

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  6. R Rose said on 17:16 Monday 30 May, 2011

    [ -4 ] Yes to an election on this matter BEFORE a tax is imposed that we were NOT told about before the last election

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