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School of Business (TAFE) – Not a Restructure?

Posted 15 February 2012 by Josh Cullinan (Swinburne University of Technology)

Despite the written assurance of the Swinburne HR Department at Christmas, School of Business (TAFE) Senior Management used the summer leave period to implement their secret restructure. The resignation last week of the School's Executive Director is unsurprising and too late to stop the exodus of several quality, hard-working staff from the School. Below is a short report from the new NTEU Delegate for the School of Business, Marc Mansour.

A lot of tension is in the air at SOB and members are feeling very insecure and losing faith in management. Over the break, an ‘unofficial’ meeting of SOB staff was called where staff were ‘unofficially’ told about ‘a restructure which is not a restructure’. This ‘not a restructure’ was then implemented several weeks later without any union or staff knowledge. Reporting lines have been changed, teams relocated, and some teams even completely removed from the school. More panic and anxiousness is in the air after the ‘resignation’ of the Executive Director, and SOB staff are wondering who will be next.

Thanks to the hard work of members and union staff through numerous meetings and support, we the SOB staff are feeling a lot more comfortable and confident knowing that this matter is going to be taken to Fair Work Australia. Even more reason to join the union!

Marc Mansour

SOB NTEU Delegate


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