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  1. Casual Voices: M

    Posted 24 May 2017 by Paul Clifton (Uni Casual)

    In my 5th year as a casual academic, and have been coordinating the same 4 units S1 & S2 each year.  Last week I called HR inquiring whether there was any chance of more permanency, ...

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  2. Casual Voices: La Trobe

    Posted 18 May 2017 by Paul Clifton (Uni Casual)

    I am absolutely disgusted at what is happening at Latrobe in Bendigo. Having completed my Bachelor of Education in 2014 I have been unable to find teaching positions and have been fortunate in ...

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  3. Casual Voices: Rosie T

    Posted 1 December 2016 by Paul Clifton (Uni Casual)

    I am an experienced casual. I know that I was asked back because I am a good teacher. I've been asked to do more hours but what happens if I get sick?

    It was fine this semester as I didn't have so ...

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  4. Casual Voices: Jay

    Posted 28 September 2016 by Paul Clifton (Uni Casual)

    I have really enjoyed my first semester working as a casual tutor. My colleagues are great and the other casual staff bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

    It's very disheartening that due to ...

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  5. Casual Voices: Poster campaign

    Posted 21 June 2016 by Jen T. Kwok (Uni Casual)

    Absolutely priceless that the same day I see posters up for this campaign I am sent an email requesting my (unpaid) presence at a meeting to discuss a subject I am no longer teaching. It was bad ...

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  6. Casual Voices: Linda

    Posted 16 November 2015 by Jen T. Kwok (Uni Casual)

    Teaching is over, essays are marked and results entered and timesheets have been submitted. Then comes an email from the subject coordinator to all facilitators (most of whom are casual) outlining ...

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  7. Casual Voices: Anon

    Posted 20 October 2015 by Jen T. Kwok (Uni Casual)

    I love working as a casual at my university. During my postgraduate studies the work has been flexible and varied, allowing me to remain working as a freelancer and pursuing industry projects at the ...

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  8. Casual Voices: Melissa

    Posted 12 October 2015 by Paul Clifton (Uni Casual)

    The old getting paid on time issue!

    Can a university pay any of us on time, ever? Why on earth has 6-8 weeks become 'normal'? It's like they think we don't need to eat or pay rent.

    Maybe we ...

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  9. Casual Voices: Seema

    Posted 24 July 2015 by Paul Clifton (Uni Casual)

    I am concerned about vague and partial nature of alloting hours to casual staff.

    No precedence is given to the staff with higher qualifications or experience. New staff is recruited and given work ...

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  10. Casual Voices: Becky

    Posted 18 February 2015 by Paul Clifton (Uni Casual)

    Having to politely explain the University EBA, which clearly states tutorial & marking duties/rates, every semester to the very people who decide whether to employ you or is a good example of an ...

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