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  1. Amanda Rishworth: Women will pay a higher price for the Government's higher education cuts

    Posted 27 August 2014 by Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office)

    While Federal Government changes to our Higher Education System will deter some from going to university, for others the greatest impact will be the significant increase in student debt.

    The ...

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  2. My Bluestocking Story: Nikki Moodie

    Posted 15 August 2014 by Julie Ann Veal (Women)

    Nikki Moodie

    WestSide Derby Dollz is a roller derby league based in the western suburbs of Melbourne. We support Bluestocking Week because we support women and girls - their strength, safety and ...

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  3. My Bluestocking Story: Jennifer Fane

    Posted 14 August 2014 by Julie Ann Veal (Women)

    Jennifer Fane, Flinders University

    My love of learning is what has brought me to Australia. Working at Flinders, as well as being a PhD candidate and member of the NTEU Women's Action Committee not ...

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  4. My Bluestocking Story: Kate

    Posted 14 August 2014 by Julie Ann Veal (Women)


    I'm the blue-stocking daughter of a blue-stocking mother. I didn't realise, growing up in the seventies, how unusual it was that my mother had been one of the first students at UNE in the early ...

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  5. My Bluestocking Story: Menaka

    Posted 12 August 2014 by Julie Ann Veal (Women)


    I came to Australia in 1973 with a small child and became a single parent soon after. I worked hard in an admin role and discovered that no promotions to higher roles existed in the ...

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  6. Pessimism about advances in gender equity in higher education backed up in latest stats

    Posted 12 August 2014 by Jeannie Rea (Women)

    There has been little shift for some time in the gender disparity in higher education careers and studies.

    In some areas gender equity has deteriorated. While we applaud Margaret Gardner becoming ...

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  7. My Bluestocking Story: Linda Gale

    Posted 11 August 2014 by Julie Ann Veal (Women)

    When my mother went to teachers college in the 1970s as a mature age student, she was not allowed to wear trousers and had to get a male relative to sign her bond. By the time I got to University at ...

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  8. My Bluestocking Story: Barbara Bernal-Salas

    Posted 11 August 2014 by Julie Ann Veal (Women)

    My name is Barbara Bernal Salas and I have been in the NT for 4 and a half years, I did my honours in the behaviour of Great Bowerbird, I worked for a while in remote NT before starting my Master of ...

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  9. Media Release: Union claims little for women to celebrate in this year’s ‘Bluestocking Week’

    Posted 11 August 2014 by Courtney Sloane (NTEU National Office)

    Women at Australian universities will be further disadvantaged by the Government’s higher education changes according to the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU).

    The comments come in the ...

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  10. My Bluestocking Story: Jane Maze

    Posted 7 August 2014 by Julie Ann Veal (Women)

    Jane Maze, NTEU

    University feels like a home away from home to me - my father and uncle were academics at Sydney University, my mother and aunt had worked in the university library. I remember ...

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