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  1. La Trobe guts the workload management scheme

    Posted 25 June 2012 by Graeme Byrne (La Trobe University)

    The outcome of workload management system review - “The WMS is dead” - is a disaster for ordinary academic staff of the university. NTEU supports the original WMS, which defined a modest ...

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  2. Response to NTEU on budget questions

    Posted 13 September 2011 by Serena O'Meley (La Trobe University)

    Last week we notified members in the NTEU LTU E-bulletin 7 September 2011 that the Branch had received (on that day) a response from the CFO about our concerns relating to the budget model.  We ...

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  3. Teaching allocations go down - workloads go up

    Posted 7 September 2011 by Graeme Byrne (La Trobe University)

    In late August and without fanfare, a new version of the Workloads Management System (WMS) was released by the project steering committee. [1] The previous draft was released in December 2010 and ...

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