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E-Bulletin - Budgets, Casuals, Parking

Posted 17 January 2012 by Katherine Gale (University of Adelaide)



2012 Budget Freeze Could Mean a Cutting Reality

University management have been very clear that 2012 will be a year of budget austerity. It is being described as a freeze on area budgets at 2011 levels for all of 2012. Given inflationary costs, and this decision not to properly fund the pay increases they agreed to 2 years ago, this freeze will act as a budget cut for many areas. There have been assurances that resourcing and staffing levels would be maintained in teaching areas, but it is clear that several administrative and support areas are expecting to feel the pinch. We can reasonably expect pressure in these areas to affect the teaching work which they support and augment.

We have heard a few different suggestions on how to deal with the freeze. Some ideas make a lot of sense. For example, looking for ways to improve work practices and finding quicker, easier ways to get things done. However, other ideas, such as not filling positions when they become vacant, have the potential to cause large workload and stress problems for many university staff. 

It is important that we all keep an eye on things in our area, making sure that the impact of this tough budget isn’t being unfairly carried by staff. Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns on this matter.


Information for Casual Staff

Are you an academic casually employed by Adelaide Uni?
Do you work with academic staff who are casually employed?
Do you supervise casual or sessional academic staff?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes" then you need a copy (or several) of our latest NTEU Smart Casuals booklet. This booklet deals with a broad range of issues affecting casual staff in universities. It details a number of practical tips, industrial entitlements and gives information about our union.

In the past our members have:

  • included this information in 'New Starter' packs for new casual academic employees at formal or informal inductions in their work area;            
  • distributed it to all current casual academic staff;  
  • organised local meetings with an NTEU rep for casual academic staff to attend.

You can get an electronic copy of Smart Casuals on the NTEU UniCasual website at . You can also connect with other casual or sessional university staff from across the country via this site. 

If you would like us to organise some hard copies of the booklet for you, please contact our branch office.

All staff at the University of Adelaide - casual, fixed term or continuing - are eligible to join the NTEU and take part fully in union discussions, decisions and campaigns.


Parking at North Terrace

In late December - following meetings with our union representatives Rod Crewther, Linda Cecere and Felix Patrikeeff - Paul Duldig announced that the parking fees for 2012 would be reduced from the notified $1900 to $1565. While this figure is still very high, this reduction is a halving of the planned increase. Congratulations to the many members who wrote emails, collected signatures and raised this issue with their colleagues. Our collective efforts have led directly to management’s decision to cut the fee increase in half, and management’s commitment to run a review of the parking permits system this year.

$1565 is certainly an improvement, but the NTEU still holds that parking rates at our university should be based on cost-recovery only. The fee structure should also be made fairer in a number of ways, such as salary scaling, part-time rates and shift rates. Our branch will be following up on these, and other, suggestions which members have made on the topic of parking and transport more broadly. This discussion will include the question of how more green transport to and from campus can be genuinely encouraged and supported.

We look forward to participating in the university’s promised review of these matters. We also plan to negotiate for more equitable and predictable fee systems in the next Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.




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