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E-Bulletin - Parking

Posted 30 November 2011 by Katherine Gale (University of Adelaide)



Parking Fees Increase by 61%

We all know the problem....

In the past, university practice has been that parking increases should follow CPI.  The parking charges in over the past three years have ignored this, with 25% + 25% + now 61% increases.
At first these increases were explained as resulting from rising business expenses. This time the reason given for the increase is that it is a reasonable price when compared with downtown commercial rates.

As one member has said, “I thought the university was my workplace not a commercial car park.”

Here are the facts regarding car parking increases. A single yellow sticker costs:

  • $750 in 2009
  • $940 in 2010
  • $1177 in 2011,
  • and now $1900 in 2012!

We won a 7.5% pay increase for next year. How much of that is cancelled out by this parking increase?
The NTEU calls for the university to return to its past policy and increase parking fees in line with CPI.


But what can we do about it?

NTEU Members will be campaigning against this unreasonable increase in a number of ways. Contact the office to help.
NTEU representatives will be raising the issue at the university Council Meeting next Monday, December 5th. Their arguments will hold more weight if we can show how many staff agree that this fee rise is unreasonable.
Show you agree in the following ways:

  1. Send an email to Vice President, Services and Resources, Paul Duldig at paul.[email protected], expressing your views on the 61% parking increase. Please CC the Branch into these emails so that we have an idea of how many have been sent.
  2. Sign the petition. There is a petition which asks University management to return to the past practice of increasing parking fees by CPI only. Contact the NTEU office to get a copy. Sign it and ask your colleagues to sign it (all university staff can sign this). Return signed copies to the NTEU office through the internal mail system, or walk them over to our office (address below). We need to have them by Monday at 10am.
  3. Please forward this information to your colleagues.


In addition, the Adelaide branch of NTEU will consider this matter at its AGM (probably next week). Motions will be discussed on:

  1. Expressing no confidence in the university's management of financial affairs,
  2. Enforcing no more than CPI increases on parking fees through a clause in the next Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.


For further information, contact, [email protected]


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