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E-Bulletin - UniSuper, Parking, VC Selection

Posted 15 December 2011 by Katherine Gale (University of Adelaide)



Members will have received today’s message from NTEU National Secretary, Grahame McCulloch, regarding UniSuper and the recent media coverage. A copy is available throught the NTEU Website Main Page.

Parking at North Terrace Campus - Update

Linda Cecere, Felix Patrikeeff and Rod Crewther met the Vice-Chancellor and Virginia Deegan late on Wednesday to discuss the sudden increase of 61% in parking fees for 2012.  This followed poorly explained increases of 25% for 2010 and 25% for 2011.
An immediate result is that the Vice-Chancellor has promised to mitigate the latest fee increase. There will be an announcement within the next few days. The new fee will apply to staff who have already applied for parking in 2012 as well as those still considering doing so.
The Vice-Chancellor stated that the issues brought by the NTEU to his attention would be the subject of a full Review of Parking to commence early in 2012. He also suggested that staff take advantage of salary sacrifice where possible. NTEU will return to this subject after the Vice-Chancellor makes his announcement.
Three motions were passed in relation to car parking at the branch AGM. Please refer to the minutes to read those motions, and a summary of that meeting’s discussion of the issue.


VC Selection Process

Members will recall that recently, Rod Crewther sent an open letter to the Chancellor raising member concerns about the Selection Process for the next VC.
The Hon. R Hill replied to Rod and they had a meeting on the matter. A report of that discussion is available through the NTEU Office.
Importantly, the Chancellor identified that Prof Christopher Findlay, Executive Dean of the Faculty of the Professions, would be on the selection panel representing the University workforce. The NTEU therefore encourages all members to give their considered input on VC selection to Professor Findlay, who can be reached at .


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