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Parking - VC's Response to Our Letter

Posted 19 March 2012 by Katherine Gale (University of Adelaide)

Many members will recall this open letter which we sent to the Vice-Chancellor on parking and related matters.
Here is the Vice-Chancellor's response, dated March 6th.
Please send your feedback on this letter to our branch office at .

Our union will continue to pursue this matter.


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Response from VC on Parking

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  1. John said on 21:21 Thursday 22 Mar, 2012

    [ -1 ] I would love to park on campus, but it simply is beyond my finances to be able to afford to do so. Up until this year, I was a shift worker, and had to park on campus when working late. It was always a struggle to find a park, and has even caused me to have to wait for up to 15-20 minutes for someone to leave a park before I could do so. If the University is genuinely concerned about offering more parking on campus, why doesn't it demolish the old Underground carpark, and build a purpose-built multi-level park for staff to use there instead? This would allow them to sell more permits, and allow those staff parking off campus a place to park. Of course, that would also involve a great deal of money.. So it's never going to happen.. Unless of course, they can find a way to make it iPad and iPhone compatible, because thats "the future"

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  2. Michael said on 17:23 Thursday 22 Mar, 2012

    [ +1 ] I am pleased to see that the Vice-Chancellor is concerned about the lack of parking for staff. For a long time it appeared that the University was set on a course of removing all parking except blue permits. It is a pity that this concern has not resulted in any of the new building projects containing a car park in the basement. Such an innovation was in one of the original plans for Ingkarni Wadli but got lost.

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  3. Paul Wilkins said on 0:43 Tuesday 20 Mar, 2012

    [ +7 ] In the equity arguments it is noteworthy that those most able to pay the commercial rates are least subject to them because they usually have the status which gives them priority for a permit

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  4. Dino Pisaniello said on 18:52 Monday 19 Mar, 2012

    [ +4 ] Shouldn't the terms of reference be determined prior to the establishment of the Working Party?
    There's no simple fix, and there's more to it than cost and equity. It's also about what the University can do to reduce city congestion, pollution etc. If staff need a vehicle to travel between campuses, transport equipment, for field work etc, then subsidization is important. The size of the vehicle could be considered as one basis for subsidization at an allocated university carpark or a commerical car park.
    A small subsidy for those who have to travel by car to work seems reasonable with the degree of subsidisation perhaps also the basis of vehicle size.

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  5. Alex Reilly said on 16:54 Monday 19 Mar, 2012

    [ +4 ] The VC mentions the inequity that exists between permit holders and those who have to pay commercial rates for parking as a reason for increasing fees. Isn't the best way to redress this inequity to subsidise the parking of those having to pay commercial rates?

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