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  1. General Staff Reclassification

    Posted 24 February 2012 by Susan Wood (Charles Sturt University)

    The Branch Continues to work to ensure that CSU management meets its obligations under the Enterprise Agreement in relation to the implementation of the process of General Staff Reclassification. We ...

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  2. General Staff Reclassification - New Round

    Posted 24 February 2012 by Kevin Poynter (Charles Sturt University)

    CSU management have announced a new round of General Staff Reclassification, with applications being accepted until close of business on Thursday 15th March. The University process for ...

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  3. NTEU Seeks Solution to Problems with Reclassification

    Posted 28 July 2011 by Kevin Poynter (Charles Sturt University)

    The NTEU have raised concerns about the implementation of the new clause with CSU Management and have sought commitment that the training of reclassification facilitator be properly resourced so that ...

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  4. General Staff Reclassification - Did You Know?

    Posted 15 July 2011 by Kevin Poynter (Charles Sturt University)

    Did you know that general Staff are entitled to apply for reclassification without the support of their supervisor. Under the new Enterprise agreement General Staff can put an application for ...

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  5. General Staff Reclassification

    Posted 15 April 2011 by Kevin Poynter (Charles Sturt University)

    As you would be aware there is a general staff reclassification round currently underway at CSU. This is the first reclassification round that is taking place under the conditions of our new ...

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  6. General Staff Classification Fact Sheet

    Posted 28 March 2011 by Kevin Poynter (Charles Sturt University)

    The First Round of General Staff Reclassification that is subject to our new agreement is underway and the NTEU has produced a fact sheet to assist members with this new process. If you have any ...

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    Fact Sheet
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