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  1. Union members' right to vote must not be delayed

    Posted 11 July 2013 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    I have written to Minister Bill Shorten regarding the delay of our application for a protected action ballot at the University of Western Sydney.

    We consider this a matter of deep concern to NTEU ...

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    Minister Shorten: Seeking your support re FWA

    Please find attached correspondence regarding a matter of deep concern to members of the NTEU. We are seeking your support to address the situation where our members right to vote in a protected industrial action ballot has been delayed unreasonably and

  2. Call for Fair Work Act to be amended

    Posted 11 July 2013 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

    The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) is appealing to Bill Shorten, the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations to amend the Fair Work Act, following the failure of the Fair Work ...

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  3. NTEU Lodges Submission to Review of Fair Work Act

    Posted 21 February 2012 by Ken McAlpine (NTEU National Office)

    The Federal Government introduced the Fair Work Act in 2009, to replace the previous “WorkChoices” regime. At that time, it indicated that it would conduct a Review of the operations of ...

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