Student Unions

Welcome to the National Tertiary Education Union's homepage for staff employed by Student Unions.

NTEU has around 200 members in student unions, employed mostly in professional and clerical/administrative roles.

Student Associations and University Unions play a central role in enhancing the quality of student life in Universities and other institutions where they exist. Student organisations provide a range of community services, such as venues for students to meet, sporting and activities clubs, as well providing students with a voice on their campus and in the wider world.

While student unions have existed for over 120 years, they have had to face the consequences of the disastrous 2005 'Voluntary Student Unionism' legislation, which has removed their financial independence from institutional managements, and led to a significant decline in student services and widespread job-losses among NTEU members employed in the sector.

Despite these difficulties, the NTEU has continued to represent members in Student Unions. Most Student Union members are employed at a University and are members of their local university NTEU Branch.

Most members employed in University Student Unions are covered by the same Award which applies to their colleagues directly employed by their university - The Higher Education General Staff Award 2010.

However, this Award has no effect for the majority of NTEU members, who have Enterprise Agreements which govern their conditions of employment.

Recent Posts

  1. UniMelb Student Union (UMSU) and NTEU joint statement

    Posted 14 August 2013 by Corey Rabaut (University of Melbourne)

    Staff and Students Stand Together:

    No to education cuts - Support staff working conditions

    On Tuesday 20 August the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) and the University of Melbourne Student ...

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    UMSU + NTEU joint statement about NDA

    • Published: 14 Aug, 2013

  2. MU Student Union preparing to take Industrial Action

    Posted 22 November 2012 by Rebecca Muratore (University of Melbourne)

    The NTEU and MU Student Union Ltd have been engaged in negotiations over a new Collective Agreement for staff employed within the Student Union. Negotiations have become drawn out with no agreement ...

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  3. Democracy for UQU

    Posted 29 August 2012 by Lachlan Hurse (University of Queensland)

    Students at UQ have mobilised in the largest numbers since 1990, around the issue of democratic processes in the student union elelctions. On 29 August 2012, hundreds of students rallied and marched ...

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  4. Student Union award coverage confirmed

    Posted 5 February 2011 by Sarah Roberts (NTEU National Office)

    When the Higher Education Industry - General Staff Modern Award was made in 2010 under the Award Modernisation process, the Full Bench Decision indicated that student unions would be covered by the ...

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  5. NZ Voluntary student union submission (Douglas Bill) - 21/03/2010

    Posted 21 March 2010 by NTEU (NTEU National Office)

    NTEU made a submission to the New Zealand Parliamentary Education and Science Select Committee regarding the Roger Douglas’ Education (Freedom of Association) Bill, which seeks to introduce ...

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