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NUS launches Education Quality Survey

Posted 19 April 2012 by Michael Evans (NTEU National Office)

The National Union of Students (NUS) has launched its 2012 Education Quality Survey. The national survey will capture students’ perceptions of the quality of their educational experience. The survey will be run by students, for students.

President of NUS, Donherra Walmsley is concerned by the rapid expansion of student places and how this will affect the quality of education students will receive. “The NUS Quality Survey will provide us with qualitative and quantitative data on students’ opinions of the quality of teaching, learning support, facilities, and course resources available at their universities,” Ms Walmsley said.

NUS first ran the Quality Survey in 2010 and received sixty-eight hundred responses from students across the country. The survey was designed to be run every two years to monitor the effects of deregulation on students’ university experience.

“We have included new questions for external and mixed-mode courses to ensure that the Survey is relevant to all students. Students studying off campus are a growing cohort and it is vital to get information about their perceptions of the quality of their university experience.”

The Education Quality Survey is open to all students enrolled at a university in Australia and is available here. The Survey will run until the 30 May and a final report will be released in August.

NTEU encourages members to make their students aware of the survey and urge them to complete it.

Further information can be obtained at the NUS web site,


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