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  1. Want to know more about the new Enterprise Agreements? Check here for work area meetings, events...

    Posted 25 October 2014 by Jenny Whittard (University of Newcastle)

    NTEU representatives will be visiting workplaces to provide staff the opportunity to ask questions about the proposed enterprise agreements during the access and vote period.

    The proposed new ...

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  2. Greens Save TAFE bill to be debated tomorrow Thursday 23 October 10:00 am in the NSW Legislative Assembly

    Posted 22 October 2014 by Genevieve Kelly (NSW Division)

    I encourage NTEU members to read the email from John Kaye (Greens NSW MP) below and urgently support the NSW parliament bill to save TAFE. We are all united in the fight for quality, publicly funded ...

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  3. EXTRA, EXTRA! Read all about it!

    Posted 21 October 2014 by Adam Knobel (NSW Division)

    Today NTEU members and supporters will be distributing a glimpse into the future should Pyne’s unfair higher education changes pass the Senate. The unAustralian will be available today online ...

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  4. Top 6 Reasons to Vote YES

    Posted 16 October 2014 by Jenny Whittard (University of Newcastle)

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    Top 6 reasons to vote YES
  5. Voting now open: Vote Yes for our new UoN Enterprise Agreements

    Posted 16 October 2014 by Jenny Whittard (University of Newcastle)

    Our Top 6 Reasons to support the new UoN enterprise agreements.

    Voting period now open: closes at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday 22 October 2014.  Details of the vote process have been emailed ...

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    (147 KB) - PDF

    Vote Yes UoN Agreements

    Find out just some of the reasons why...download flyer here

  6. NTEU launches TV ad campaign with GetUp! & NUS

    Posted 13 October 2014 by edXpress (edXpress)

    The NTEU in conjunction with GetUp! and the National Union of Students has launched a television ad campaign in the lead up to a Senate vote on the Higher Education & Research Amendment Bill.


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  7. NTEU Opening Statement to the HERRA Bill Senate Inquiry

    Posted 9 October 2014 by Jeannie Rea (NTEU National Office)

    National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)

    Opening Statement to the Senate Committee Inquiry into the Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment (HERRA) Bill 2014, 8 October 2014

    Jeannie Rea, ...

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  8. NTEU UNSW members to stop work on October 20

    Posted 9 October 2014 by Kiraz Janicke (University of New South Wales)

    Following our successful Protected Action Ballot (which gives NTEU members the right to take legally protected industrial action), a meeting of NTEU members on September 17, resolved to launch a ...

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  9. Macquarie Branch Response to 6x6 Teaching Term Proposal

    Posted 9 October 2014 by Sean O'Brien (Macquarie University)

    Please find attached a submission regarding the proposed 6x6 teaching term here at

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    (652 KB) - PDF

    Macquarie Branch Response to 6X6 Teaching Term Proposal

    Please find attached a submission regarding the proposed 6x6 teaching term here at Macquarie.

  10. Message from outgoing NTEU Newcastle Branch President - Suzanne Ryan

    Posted 8 October 2014 by Jenny Whittard (University of Newcastle)

    After five plus years as President of the Newcastle Branch of the NTEU, my term ended on Wednesday 1 October and Tom Griffiths became our new NTEU Newcastle Branch President.  I am very grateful ...

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