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NTEU UNSW Results Bans News

Posted 7 July 2010 by Ros O'Grady (University of New South Wales)

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NTEU UNSW Results Bans

  • Published: 06 Jul, 2010
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  1. Rochelle said on 11:45 Sunday 18 Jul, 2010

    [ 0 ] dear stuff the nteu - I'm not fooled by either sides propaganda campaign. I am exploring all options in order to graduate on time. I am well aware that both sides are causing my grief, but I am more inclined to sympathise with the union than the university beurocracy who have provided a less than satisfactory uni experience over the last 3 1/2 years. I have had countless dramas with staffing at unsw under the current conditions and clearly whatever system they are running now is not working. I say give the nteu what they want because I am sure the university can afford it and their first priority should be providing quality education for it's students. btw, I lodged my form online via the email address provided - I think my request to graduate on time is reasonable and I will give the nteu the benefit of the doubt until I hear otherwise.

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  2. Andrew said on 0:18 Sunday 18 Jul, 2010

    [ 0 ] Is there a reason that the universities offer has not as of yet been accepted? Is the NTEU willing to negotiate or holding out on all demands? Can I find further information on this?

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  3. Rochelle said on 17:03 Saturday 17 Jul, 2010

    [ 0 ] Nevermind - I just googled the form. Thankyou for your info, i'll be sure to pass it on to other affected.

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  4. Rochelle said on 16:56 Saturday 17 Jul, 2010

    [ 0 ] Thanks for the info Dave. Do you know how I can contact the the union to lodge an exemption? You are correct, the only information I have received from the uni is an email advising me to contact my program authority (who are clearly overwhelmed - the phone has been engaged for 2 days and they are yet to reply to my email) I only heard of the possibillity of an exemption yesterday through an article on The Australian website.

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  5. Dave said on 17:23 Friday 16 Jul, 2010

    [ 0 ] Rochelle, put in an exemption form to the union. You will graduate. This has always been the case (although UNSW management has refused to let students know in order to further their aim).

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  6. Rochelle said on 16:09 Friday 16 Jul, 2010

    [ 0 ] Without nteu ban I would graduate in august. I am pretty disappointed with the nteu's decision but not at all surprised to find that unsw are ultimately to blame for the striking. In fact I'm not at all surprised to be getting screwed by unsw AGAIN.

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  7. Eliza said on 20:02 Thursday 15 Jul, 2010

    [ 0 ] I'm a student with two courses affected by the ban; I'm worried about both results. I am not as self-absorbed as Alex; go the NTEU.

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  8. Dave said on 12:25 Wednesday 14 Jul, 2010

    [ -1 ] Alex, you want better lecturers and tutors? Cutting out stop gap contracts to short term workers might help. You want a better learning environment? A revised academic workload which will reduce tutorial sizes from the 35-40 people they are at the moment might help. These are part of academics' campaign.

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  9. Alex said on 19:25 Sunday 11 Jul, 2010

    [ +5 ] As a student, this is ridiculous. Your working conditions don't keep up with the Jones' so you disadvantage us? How is not releasing results going to achieve anything and what has it got to do with better working conditions. NOTHING. And out of the 9 tutors and 7 lecturers I have had so far as a student I have had 2 who probably actually deserve better conditions. The majority sit there and do nothing. I WANT MY RESULTS.

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  10. Roger Davis said on 15:11 Sunday 11 Jul, 2010

    [ 0 ] As a UNSW graduate I am shocked by the damage that has been done to the institution by the current regime and wish the NTEU success but fear that the deterioration will only be arrested and then reversed after a change of management.

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