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Mathematical Sciences staff to meet over Science redundancies

Posted 8 July 2011 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

Following on from meetings of the other Schools in the Faculty of Science last week, staff in the School of Mathematical Sciences are meeting on Thursday July 14th at 1:00pm. Staff across the Faculty have been clear in their rejection of the proposed cuts, and it is clear now that management have little regard for the effects upon workloads and the impact upon the quality of education and research. Management have not consulted affected staff, their opinion being that casual, sessional and fixed-term staff are not affected by the changes, despite the fact that redundancies will result in increased workloads for those who remain and may result in less or no work for sessionals if units are cut.

Management cannot be allowed to get away with treating staff like this. Come to the meeting and make your voice heard.

School of Mathematical Sciences
1:00pm, Thursday July 14th
Room 342, Building 28 (the tea room)


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