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VSPs and Restructures: NTEU Meetings on all campuses

Posted 19 November 2010 by John Pezy (Flinders University)

In light of the restructures and academic strengthening occurring at Monash University, the offer of Voluntary Separation Packages, the overwhelming number of staff who expressed interest in one and the considerable anger amongst members about the recent conduct of the University, the NTEU Monash Branch will be holding meetings of members on all campuses from the week starting Monday 22nd November to discuss the union's position and response. Below is a motion for consideration at the meeting, along with meeting times and locations at all campuses.

It is clear to the Branch Leadership that members are angry about the treatment of staff over the past few months. Most of this has been triggered by the inability or unwillingness of management to keep staff informed of the progress of restructures and the future of staff affected by these restructures, as well as the methods by which some managers have "suggested" to staff that they should apply for Voluntary Seperation Packages. The NTEU has received numerous reports of staff being pressured to apply for VSPs by managers telling staff that they will be forcibly made redundant if they don't. The NTEU strongly condemns all attempts to pressure staff in to taking VSPs.

Please make a note of the date and time of the meeting happening on your campus. These meetings, while set up and run by the NTEU are open to all staff, and we strongly encourage all members to attend and to bring their colleagues. The more people that attend the better we can represent you.


"That this meeting notes:

1. concern with the process and implementation of Voluntary Separation Packages (VSP) and condemns the instances reported to the NTEU of intimidation and pressure on some staff to apply for and accept a VSP,

2. the impact staff cuts will have on the quality of service to students and the broader community,

3. that management have not yet announced any other significant commitments to staff about managing budgetary concerns other than by staff cuts, and

4. that the restructuring of Finance, Information Technology Services and Human Resources, together with the Academic Strengthening process, has compounded the stress and uncertainty created by the round of VSPs and lowered staff morale.

This meeting demands:

5. management treat all staff with respect,

6. improved consultation with staff and NTEU about all aspects of change at Monash University,

7. no forced redundancies follow the round of Voluntary Separation Packages,

8. no work from positions that have been made redundant be redistributed to remaining staff, and

9. the reliance on international students to help fund university infrastructure and expansion be reduced by increased funding to domestic students.

Further, this meeting directs the NTEU to pursue vigorously every industrial and political avenue open to defend staff jobs and so defend the standard of education and service provided to students."

Berwick Campus (Please RSVP to if you will be attending the Berwick meeting)
Monday 22nd November, 11:00am
Building 901, Room 117

Peninsula Campus (Please RSVP to if you will be attending the Peninsula meeting)
Monday 22nd November, 1:00pm
Building A, Room 1.17

Caulfield Campus
Wednesday 24th November, 12pm
Building A, Room 205

Clayton Campus
Thursday 25th November, 12pm
Menzies Building, Lecture Theatre H1

Gippsland Campus
Monday 29th November, 12pm
Building 2E, Room 101

Parkville Campus
Wednesday 1st December, 12pm
Manning Building, Room LT4


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